Premier League clubs vote for return of extended summer transfer window

Premier League clubs have voted to change this summer’s transfer window so it reverts back to the same as the rest of Europe.

The 2020 transfer window will now close on September 1st at 5pm, compared to the last two seasons where it has closed before the opening day of the league season.

This was an experiment that clearly hasn’t worked and the obvious choice was to change back to the late August/early September deadline.

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When the league changed the date players could sign players in, there was an expectation that European leagues would follow suit as it provided too much disruption to to the start of a season.

But the Premier League was the only league that made the switch, putting the teams at a clear disadvantage to the rest of Europe.

Clubs were left vulnerable as key players would be in high demand in the final month, but no players could be brought in to replace them.

We will see a return to a level playing field in terms of the transfer market come the summer.

The extra length of the window should also give Manchester United extra time to complete their deals as the rebuild under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer continues. United need at least four signings this summer, and we are all aware of how long the club can take to wrap up transfers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if United are still chasing targets well into the start of the league season.

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