Neil Warnock bizarrely ranks Sir Alex Ferguson 4th in best Premier League managers list

Neil Warnock has ranked his top five managers in Premier League history, and his choices are bizarre to say the least.

Given the amount of years he has posed as a football coach, you’d think Warnock would know more football than he shows.

It goes without saying he’s a controversial figure, however, the veteran manager has once again flirted with causing debate, after revealing his picks for the five best managers in Premier League history.

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Speaking to talkSPORT, Warnock gave his top five, and some insight into why he felt each manager deserved their place.

In fifth there’s former Man Utd manager José Mourinho, who also had two successful periods at Chelsea, and is currently in charge of Tottenham.

After winning three Premier League titles with Chelsea across ten years, and two stints at the club, Mourinho will feel hard done by to find himself in fifth position. Even if his reputation has been tarnished in recent years.

Next up, in fourth, is SIR ALEX FERGUSON…

“I’d probably go with Sir Alex, slightly in front of José Mourinho, because Alex has done it for longer, he’s been at it longer.”

Warnock explained that it was the changes in the game that had led to his decision to place Ferguson so low.

“I just think he was in an era where it was man management, it wasn’t all this stuff with the back staff and the back rooms and everything, it was man management — and Alex was probably the best at that.”

Just wait till you see who he named as the Premier League’s best manager…

Warnock goes on to suck up to Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, who he places third in the list.

“I think Klopp is just beginning. He will definitely get even better.

“His outlook and everything that he’s done at the club and its future with the kids and all that, I think he’s got another ten years coming forwards.

“So I think he’s third at the minute, but could quite easily be number one in a few years.”

There’s no sign of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or David Moyes on the list, so we’ll cut to the chase. Pep Guardiola comes second to former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

“I might be completely different to anyone else, but I would pick Arsene Wenger as number one, only because he changed the whole outlook on modern football”. 

So, Warnock picks a manager who was ultimately dominated throughout his time in the Premier League by the manager he ranked fourth?

Hmm, yeah, that makes sense.

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