Gary Neville makes bold Manchester United Premier League title prediction

Gary Neville has suggested that Manchester United will ‘probably’ win the league before Liverpool.

The United legend thinks things aren’t as bad at the club as people think, despite a frustrating summer transfer window for fans where a midfielder or a replacement for Romelu Lukaku was not signed.

Speaking on Sky Sports,“I can guarantee you as clear as day, Manchester United will win [things] again. They’ll probably win the league before Liverpool, in my opinion. That’s not being disrespectful.

“What I’m saying is, Liverpool, City, Tottenham – all these clubs have had poor recruitment policies over the last 25 or 30 years at times. United are going through one at the moment. 

“Eventually they will stumble upon the right recruitment system, the right recruitment people, they’ll get a great manager – hopefully, that’s Ole – and they’ll start to win again. That’s going to happen. It’s not as bad as you think.”

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Although Neville is not concerned about issues at the club, United fans have witnessed mediocrity for six years now since Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, more than enough time for the club to rebuild and set about mounting a title challenge again.

Neville notes that United are currently struggling with a poor recruiting system; a technical director still hasn’t been appointed and Ed Woodward has proven he is incapable of managing the football side of things.

But we now feel Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is starting to implement an identity back into the club through his counter-attacking style on the field and recruitment mould of young British talent.

The Reds are obviously a long way off catching Manchester City or Liverpool at the moment, but hopefully the club can move in the right direction in the coming years.

Neville’s prediction about winning the league seems optimistic given the difference in the current squads, but there are no guarantees Liverpool can overhaul City before anyone else can in the Premier League – and it’s not as if they haven’t squandered a league title before, is it?

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