(Video) Man Utd fan calls into MUTV and asks about Glazer debt

There has been a lot of momentum behind the #GlazersOut social media campaign to the extent that it’s a non-stop conversation. We’ve always maintained that even though a million tweets won’t change who owns Manchester United, at least it spreads the message.

One United fan, who saw the opportunity to raise a question about the debt the Glazer family inflicted on the club in 2005, called into the Paddy Crerand show and caused a bit of a stir.

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The MUTV presenter interrupted the called immediately before the call was dropped, which is to be expected.

MUTV obviously aren’t going to allow people ring in and question the people who own MUTV, who don’t wish to be questioned.

But it was offensively dismissive of them to laugh after cutting the caller.

It’s not funny that the club we all adore is being torn apart by greed and that has been the case for a very long time.

Check out the clip below and let us know what you think.

United fan calls into MUTV show and asks about the Glazer debt from r/reddevils

The reaction online has led to plenty of criticism.

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