Maxbet welcomes Man United in Asia

Maxbet is an online gambling site based in Thailand. The site is popular amongst teenagers and students but is enjoyed by gamblers of all ages and levels of expertise.

Recently, the platform has expanded its realm and offers football fans an exciting opportunity to wager on Manchester United Football Club.

What Is Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester United Football Club is an English football club. It was founded in 1878 under a different name, Newton Heath Football Club. Since 1902, the club has been known by its current name and is based in the Old Trafford district in Greater Manchester.

Why Bet on Manchester United?

Manchester United competes in the Premier League, which is the highest league in the English football league system. Claiming 13 League Cup wins, Manchester United has won this league’s title more times than any other team. The team closest to this title, Chelsea, only holds 5 title wins.

Because of the team’s good reputation, it is common for people to place wagers in their favour. Bookmakers such as Maxbet, however, offer odds for almost any possible situation. Users can gamble on everything from the team winning nothing to not making certain tournaments.

Maxbet Makes Manchester United Available to its Users

The platform is known for its inclusion of football teams across the globe. They have many games of chance, including ones where you can gamble on teams ranging from club level to national status. Users can now test their luck by wagering on Manchester United in addition to many other professional teams.

How Does Betting Work?

Maxbet lets users wager on a variety of factors, ranging from entire league outcomes to individual game scores. These are typically referred to as “outright bets,” meaning those that directly involve how the team performs. Most bets of this nature are placed before the game starts. If the user places a wager after the beginning of a game, the odds are likely to vary. Maxbet also gives users the ability to wager on what happens behind the scenes.

For example, users can gamble on:

  • The odds Manchester United will win the league
  • The likelihood of the team being relegated to a lower division
  • The possibility of the team experiencing a change of management
  • Whether or not the team is going to sign certain players

There are two main types of betting for football:

  • Hang Cheng. This is the traditional method Asians use to bet football. A handicap (also known as a point spread) is added to the odds to determine the winner. You must gamble on either the home or away team as there are no draws in this method.
  • 1×2 Betting. This method is more popular in Europe but is now offered by all Asian bookies.

There are also a variety of other gambling options offered by Maxbet including over or under, half-time/full-time, total goals, and odds or evens.

With the platform now allowing users to wager on Manchester United, gamblers and football fans alike rejoice at the opportunity.

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