How the Mobile Phone Revolutionised the Betting and Casino Industry

The online gambling industry has been around since the early 1990s. Originally, it was a niche activity and one which only very few people engaged in.

However, mobile technology has completely turned this on its head as you will discover in this article.

Mobile Casino Gambling History

The first online casinos entered the market in the early 1990s. It remained a relatively unknown activity until the turn of the noughties. But those who invented the first online casinos knew they were onto something.

As internet technology progressed, the possibilities for online gambling suddenly became apparent. It became clear that online gambling could completely revolutionise the gambling industry.

Broadband internet completely transformed the lives of everyone across the globe. And with broadband internet, online gambling exploded in growth and popularity.

In the early noughties, online gambling grew considerably, but it wasn’t until around 2005 that the explosion began.

Enter the Mobile

Around the latter part of the first decade of the millennium, mobile casinos and betting sites became much more common.

The bigwigs in the industry realised that mobile gambling was the next step in online gambling, and this made complete sense. By this time, smartphones had become an essential part of societies throughout the world.

Most people, particularly the younger generations, always have a smartphone to hand and almost never leave the house without their smartphones.

Those in the online gambling industry are fully aware of this and have been developing and improving mobile gambling technology for the past decade.

Mobiles – The New King in Gambling

Mobiles have completely transformed the gambling industry.

Brick-and-mortar casinos and sports betting outlets on the high street have reduced in number significantly over the past decade, and online gambling now dominates the gambling industry.

In terms of the online gambling industry, mobiles have changed the game completely. Operators are fully aware that mobile gambling is the future and invest significant effort into developing solid mobile gambling technology.

In the modern-day, if an operator doesn’t offer a good mobile gambling experience, it is a recipe for disaster.

According to figures released by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, mobiles are now just behind laptops in terms of the device most often used for online gambling. It seems inevitable that mobiles will become the most popular device used for online gambling in the very near future.

What Makes Mobiles So Good for Gambling and Sports Betting?

The main reason why mobiles are so popular is convenience. Whether you want to play mobile slot or make a sports bet, the mobile enables you to do that as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting on a bus, sitting at home or sitting on a bench in a park, the mobile casino is always available with a touch of a button.

And, for most people, mobiles are the device they go to first when they want to browse the internet. That makes gambling on mobiles far more appealing, and certainly more appealing than waiting for a laptop or desktop to load.

In the future, you can expect mobile gambling technology to grow even stronger as operators continue to provide their players with what they want.

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