How Manchester United could gain from potential Champions League ban for Manchester City

There is often the opinion amongst those who do not have, that those who do have achieved their success unfairly. Never more so than in football, and even more often when the subject of Manchester City and their lottery win is concerned, if ever a side can be accused of “buying the league” it is them.

It seems though, that this success is coming at a price, and the footballing authorities are hot on their heels as the latest news suggests. Sky Sports talk of a year-long ban from Champions League football, following Thursday’s news that City have been referred to the Club Financial Control Body adjudicator, which would leave only four English sides in the competition, meaning a 5th spot is up for grabs.

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This is where United come in to things, though it depends on certain factors to go in their favour – namely the winners of the Europa League – and offers a glimmer of hope at the end of a season devoid of any. Sky Sports again, explain the situation so us civilians can understand it.

Simply put, if Chelsea win the Europa League then Arsenal will take the place, Arsenal win it and United are the beneficiaries. It’s a glimmer in amongst the dark clouds for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in a competition he is so romantically linked to. And potential though it may be, it throws up a whole load of questions to be answered.

First and foremost, would it actually benefit United to be allowed in to the competition? You can’t say that recent performances offer anything other than qualifying from the group stages maybe, perhaps an easier draw could see this terms efforts repeated, but realistically it may only serve to further expose the underlying issues at the club.

The Europa offers an opportunity for the kids to play, it offers a chance to perhaps win a trophy and fans wouldn’t be all too bothered should the side exit. However, financially it is a boost to the club obviously, and if reports that Jadon Sancho is unsure of a move due to lack of Champions League are true, perhaps pulling power can be reinstated.

Of course it is only hypothetical as it stands, UEFA and the CFCB may well find that the evidence of Manchester City’s deception (that I’m sure we have all read) is insufficient to prosecute them, though the evidence from der Spiegel are fairly damning. But we should all prepare for every eventuality, and assign ourselves a post to which we can nail our flags – Arsenal if you want us in it, Chelsea if you don’t. Beneficial or not, taking their place would be absolutely hilarious and send a message out that no matter how much money you have, just because you don’t agree with the rules doesn’t mean you don’t have to adhere to them.

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