‘Sitting around doing nowt!’: ESPN pundit slams Man Utd flop Alexis Sanchez

Make absolutely no mistake about it, Alexis Sanchez has been a disaster signing for Manchester United.

Not just because his performances stink since joining the Reds in January of last year, but his earnings at the club make him the highest paid player and now our main stars are demanding more in their deals as a result.

An expensive mistake…

However, the performances they’ve been putting in lately would suggest they’re also vastly overpaid.

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Below is a video with Ross Dyer and Craig Burnley accessing Alexis Sanchez’s stint at United, which we can only hope will come to an end this summer.

“His genuine performance has been awful,” Burnley states as they show up his stats in a United shirt.

He now looks finished, a completely different player to the one that starred in many big games for Arsenal, and United need to do something about it.

Burnley, a former Chelsea midfielder, makes a good point that nobody really knows what his best position is anymore. José Mourinho wasn’t able to get the best out of him, and he’s one of a few players to not show up at all under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Get rid of him this summer won’t be easy, but United really should make it a priority.

The recruitment at this club has been shocking but it’s now worth asking if Alexis Sanchez was the worst signing of Ed Woodward’s miserable tenure as executive vice-chairman?

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