(Video) Alan Shearer says Man Utd are ‘f*cked’ in slip of tongue

Alan Shearer couldn’t help but run his potty mouth.

Still bitter that Manchester United went on to better things with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, like his match-winning goal in the 1999 Champions League, the Norweigan outweighed anything the sad Geordie has achieved, as player and football manager.

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Shearer has been paid to talk about football for years since retiring, but he clearly still finds it difficult to talk about United, muttering a swear word during his analysis recently.

When discussing Solskjaer’s predicament, Shearer – joined in a studio of football analysts – calmly declared that United are ‘f*cked’.

“I mean, at the minute – in terms of football teams – Man. United are f*cked,” he said – before immediately realising what he did and apologising!”

To give what Shearer said some context, Solskjaer getting the job was always a risk but he’s not had the chance to build his own team. The club plans to have a total makeover and these things take time, but the process will have bumps along the way which people like Shearer will try to lap up out of sheer begrudgery.

And, the whole being ‘fucked’ part… Does Shearer suggest it could get as bad as it did for him at Newcastle when he led them to relegation?

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