Kevin Kilbane rates Virgil van Dijk higher than Man Utd legend

Virgil Van Dijk has been given the biggest praise a Premier League defender can get, with former Everton star Kevin Kilbane suggesting the Liverpool defender has surpassed the high bar set by Rio Ferdinand.

Of course, that is based on performances and not silverware, but it’s still a load of rubbish!

“He’s going into the territory of the being the best defender I’ve seen live,” Kilbane told Irish radio station Newstalk – as per the Sport Review.

“Liverpool have had Hansen but Van Dijk controls the game from his position. It’s amazing to see him.

“I think he’s getting into that territory along with top defenders like Rio Ferdinand and John Terry. Van Dijk has more to his game than Ferdinand.

“He is a better passer, he is more aggressive when he needs to be and he has that calm streak about him. Potentially, he’ll be better than Ferdinand.”

Talk about blowing Van Dink’s trumpet!

Nobody here will deny that Van Dijk is the best defender in England currently, but it’s madness to put him in the same bracket as Ferdinand, let alone claim he’s better…

Comparisons have come from social media as fans engage in debate over who is the best defender in Premier League history.

For me, it’s Rio hands down.

But is Van Dijk better than what John Terry was? This is another defender who, at the top of his game, won Premier League titles. Van Dijk doesn’t quite have a leg to stand on with that in mind.

And, it’s not that I compare players solely on success, but it goes a long way when you’re consistently the best over years.

Van Dijk is brilliant but give us a break on the Rio front. FFS!

Next they’ll tell us Dejan Lovren is better than Paul McGrath.

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