Photos: Even Google Maps knows about Manchester City’s attendance problems

It’s official, Google Maps even laughs at our inferior neighbours.

If you search ‘Empty Seats’ on Google Maps, the web mapping service will direct you to the Etihad Stadium, home of Manchester City.

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Reds often boast about filling Old Trafford most weeks whereas City, no matter how high the stakes are, struggle to fill their 55,097 capacity stadium.

There were “Emptihad” jibes made after the BBC released figures on football attendances in September. The BBC investigation in question showed that City crowds were 14% lower than figures officially released by the club, as reported by the Manchester Evening News.

Of all the clubs Pep Guardiola has managed thus far — Barcelona and Bayern — he would probably admit privately that it took some time getting used to the Etihad.

For a team praised for playing exceptional football and still challenging on all fronts this season, you’d think there would be more interest surrounding City but they have to compete with the monster that is Manchester United.

A conversation about United can be had anywhere in the world about several eras. Countries where locals are unaware of City’s existence, thinking ‘Manchester’ meant Manchester United.

While success and signing big name players has made City more globalised, they’ve still some way to go to detach themselves from the Emptihad slogan.

United fans sing the following at their expense.

The City is yours,
The City is yours,
20,000 empty seats,
Are you f**king sure?

See the photo results of searching ‘Empty Seats’ into Google Maps below.

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Google Maps Empty Seats
Google Maps Empty Seats result
Google Maps trolls Manchester City
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