Babbling Brook: A new Lindelof & City’s FFP shenanigans


Remember seeing that he was starting in the home game against Juventus, after that absolute defensive horror show from all involved in the game against West Ham and Newcastle, well it made me ill! If I was on the emotional spectrum, I’d have been doing lots of tears.

He’d been truly incredible in the draw at Chelsea, but what we’ve seen so far from the young lad is that his form is the only thing more erratic than the female mood.

But by the time the game ended, I was left singing his praises as one of the few United players to have put a shift in that gave me any kind of hope for the future.

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Those praises have continued to be sang loudly and proudly ever since. While his partner in the middle continued to lower our already tragically low expectations of him at Bournemouth, this lad continued his upward curve of form and development as a United defender you can rely upon.

In a United side that boasted many impressive displays in a truly amazing win in Turin, this lad was head and shoulders above all of them.

I just hope for all our sakes that he continues to maintain the standards he’s set in these recent weeks.


It’s like a really bad relationship, I’m saying this because I’ve been in them and realise the the signs are very similar.

Their presence annoys you.

Their return when they’ve been out usually leaves you fearing the worst.

Just when you think you can’t stand them any longer, they go and do something amazing and you convince yourself it might be worth sticking with them.

Seeing him coming off the bench on Wednesday night with United trailing did nothing for my hopes of landing my 20/1 bet on a 2-1 United win, but his arrival coincided with a huge upturn in United’s attacking threat.

While he wasn’t directly involved in either goal, his presence clearly did something that disturbed the Juve defence even more than it does most of us United fans.


Seeing their recent results and performances drop off like a lepers arm has been beautiful.

After Sky dubbed them as the pretenders to City’s thrown in the game they were very fortunate to escape with a 0-0 from, they’ve churned out attritional blandness that has worked wonders to stop my fears growing that they could actually pip Pep and his City side to the title.


Weird how they’ve been the centre of a huge huge controversy over potential breaches over UEFA financial fair play, yet many of the nations finest sporting journalists have given this about as much coverage as a glamour models bikini gives her…

Similar to the lack of words written about how Pep’s favourite doctor can somehow have a player with a season ending knee injury back in training within a month…

Almost like they don’t want to ask questions they won’t want to write the answers to…

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