Lukaku praises Juventus in interview and admits he would like to play in Italy one day

Romelu Lukaku has expressed an interest in signing for a Serie A club one day.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Manchester United striker was asked if he would like to play in Italy and replied: “Why not? I hope so.”

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The Reds take on Juventus in their next Champions League encounter, with the Turin outfit set to visit Old Trafford on October 23rd.

Lukaku was full of praise for Juve, saying: “Juve have a great project in place and they just keep going. Every year they’re pushing to get stronger.

“Without doubt, Juve are one of the two or three best teams in Europe. They’ve got a great coach and extraordinary players in every area of the team.

“Cristiano Ronaldo stands out, but watch out for the others too. Paulo Dybala is already impressive and getting stronger, and I love Douglas Costa. He’s an exceptional signing and his career shows he always makes the difference.

“It’s a tough group, but obviously Manchester United want to finish on top.”

So, what next? Headlines running into the summer transfer window suggesting Lukaku has had enough of life in the Premier League and wants to move on.

It probably won’t happen as quickly as that, but we find it just as interesting that he singled out Massimiliano Allegri, who is currently being linked with taking Jose Mourinho’s job.

Moreover, Lukaku mentions the project Juve have in place. It has been touted that United are set to adopt such a model when restructuring the club.

It’s unlikely that Lukaku would be tipped off on stuff like this but perhaps he’s been paying attention to reports of late.

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