The internet is about to get less fun for football fans – you have 48 hours to save it

Readers don’t usually read about EU Copyright Law on Stretty News, but this is important and we need your full cooperation.

If you enjoy football engagement online nowadays – the memes, the funny clips, the edits – it’s time to fear the worst. Thanks to Article 13, these are all at risk with a new article that could be added by the European Parliament to their copyright laws without any debate at all.

Sound unfair? We think so…

The lawmakers are facing a major vote on digital copyright reform proposals on Wednesday — a process that has set the Internet on fire.

You can read an excellent summary of the way that the proposed amendment could affect football fans here. It explains how Articles 11, 12a and 13 could radically change the way football is digested online, both during and after games.

This would say goodbye to fan-made parodies and highlight reels which take up the majority of our social media feeds. It’s not too late to react either, so what are you waiting for?

WikiMedia has warned that the reform threatens the “vibrant free web”.

We have approximately 48 hours to come together and fight against this change in policy. To help please follow this link and find out more about the battle against Article 13.

There is help provided to allow you to contact your MEPs. Every email and share helps!


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