Ex-Man Utd striker gives heartbreaking interview about career ‘turmoil’

This Michael Owen interview doing the rounds is well worth a watch as the former Manchester United striker sheds a light on the difficulties of his injury-hit career.

Owen has become something of a figure of fun in recent times like a real-life Alan Partridge or something, but this is different and extremely insightful into the life of an injured footballer.

The retired England international reflects on how many games he played for Liverpool’s first team at such a young age, with Owen hinting that he may have been overworked so early on in his career.

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Liverpool got the best years of Owen, while United didn’t sign him until the latter stages of his career when his best days were long gone. Still, whatever you think of Owen, he did give us a very special derby day moment which saw United beat City in the very last minute.

Watching that goal still sends shivers down my spine… What a goal! What a win! What a time to be alive!

While it’s easy to laugh at players with poor injury records – Owen Hargreaves, the guinea pig – it’s worth remembering the harsh reality of not being able to do the job you love from such a young age.

Here Owen explains that he wanted to retire for the last six or seven years of his career. He went from being that kid who scored that solo stunner against Argentina to sitting on the bench at Stoke City.

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