The Battle of Old Trafford: Jose Mourinho vs The Glazers & Ed Woodward

The current situation at Manchester United has left a large proportion of fans concerned. Jose Mourinho looks like he’s about to blow up ahead of his third season in charge, Ed Woodward has not delivered in the transfer market, and the Glazers couldn’t care less as long as we finish fourth in the league.

We appointed Mourinho back in 2016 with the view of taking United back to the top. His second spell at Chelsea was supposed to last a great deal longer than the first, but it didn’t. Chelsea under Mourinho imploded and he needed to a new break, as did United after having David Moyes and Louis van Gaal in charge. There were genuine reasons to believe this was the perfect match.

Moreover, Mourinho always wanted the United job. He craved it for so many years yet constantly looks like a child after dropping his favourite ice cream on a muddy surface.

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From a fans’ perspective, Mourinho and his attitude and coaching philosophies are the opposite to what I want at United. I’m not going to lie and say otherwise because some readers think the manager should be backed no matter what…

But there is an ongoing battle at Manchester United and I can’t help but take Mourinho’s corner.

The Portuguese tactician doesn’t settle for second best whereas the Glazer family only think about strengthening financially, therefore, their objective every year is to qualify for the Champions League by finishing in the top four. A Premier League title means jack shit to them.

Such a contrast tells me United have no real sense of direction. Ed Woodward is caught in the middle driving a commercial juggernaut – nothing more, nothing less – and I highly doubt he or most of the board know the offside rule.

Mourinho’s transfer wish list was fairly public and it was hard to argue with his demands. The deals he’s done since becoming United manager have been alright too, but a mistake of his and previous managers have been preserving too long with the dregs of Sir Alex Ferguson’s last team.

For me, this current situation must sit with the board. Do you really think Mourinho wants to toy around Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in the heart of his defence? Does he f*ck. For Woodward and the club not to back him is suicide. They may as well sack him now…

The counter-argument is that Mourinho has already spent millions beyond millions and to that, I say fair enough, but if he still requires more why not back him? There was no point in giving him a new contract if they were going to ignore his demands.

What next? Mourinho can hardly have a go at the Glazers publicly or he’s out of a job.

The owners know people will still show up on match day in their droves and there will be no protests if big money isn’t spent on Mourinho’s targets. If they’re willing to aggravate Mourinho further, then they will be already preparing for the next man to be appointed the manager and the deadwood will remain.

Just enough deadwood to cross us over the line for top four.

We ran a poll on Twitter to gather thoughts from Reds on who they blame for this mess. It’s currently live, with approximately 50 minutes left to vote, so make the most of it.

It made me think about Woodward’s classic “we can do things in the transfer market other clubs can only dream of” line. I’d suggest keeping his mouth shut and remember fans want success on the pitch. Not new toilet roll sponsors.

This is Mourinho vs The Glazers. There is only one side to back. It’s an argument he needs to win but the same will be said about the next manager.

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