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Sport superstars not averse to risking money in poker/gambling games

Famous football players not only promote gambling but often “lavish” their money in casinos in their “combat” against Dame Fortune. Many people are inclined to think, that such hobby is quite destructive, however, it may reward you with unique emotions and adrenalin rush. Professional football superstars have always been attracted by risky ventures, while the itch for money is a secondary consideration. They have much money, so they do not need to play casino for real money with no deposit required as many gamblers do.

Thanks to David Beckham, Las Vegas Sands network is literally flourishing – one of the world-famous football players invited his fans to thematic meetings, and these meetings took place in this facility. David is often detected to visit gambling facilities in Macao and Singapore. The famous sportsman even received an offer to become a brand ambassador for several casino networks. Thanks to Beckham’s strong personality, gambling facilities all over the world are currently witnessing an increase in their players’ base.

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Unforgettable Gerard Pique, member of Barcelona FC – the many-time Copa del Rey winner, – is a famous poker fan. Once he took third place in a championship and was rewarded with a 40 000 EUR prize.

One day a famous football player – Teddy Sheringham – “brushed” a casino of a very significant sum – 500 000 GBP. Wayne Mark Rooney, unlike his fellows, prefers virtual clubs. Throughout his gambling career, Wayne managed to win more than 70 000 pounds.

Grand defeats

You need to understand, the combats against Dame Fortune do not always have a happy ending – sometimes famous sportsmen lose quite a lot of money. For example, Mike Owen once lost 30 000 pounds during one single game in the casino. Jerrel Hasselbaink is said to have lost much more. One day famous “Chelsey” player called at one of the most famous casinos in the UK and lost 50 000 pounds. His defeat was witnessed by two colleagues from “Chelsey”.

Football players are not recommended to visit bookmaker’s offices for a couple of reasons. First, most of the European legislations forbid professional players to make bets. And second, their football clubs normally enforce a taboo on such entertainments. But these factors did not stop Andros Townsend from making bets – as the result, he was disqualified and charged 18000 pounds.

American golf player – John Daily– lost more than 5 million USD less than in 5 hours. Even though he’s quite famous and successful, Daily is definitely not the most well-off US citizen. Even now John spends quite a lot of spare time in gambling facilities and often loses. But even for him, the above-mentioned sum was too much.

Ronaldo Nazário – legendary football ace and talented poker player

Football is very similar to gambling games. Big money move in both these spheres. The outcome of a football game is the same unpredictable as the result of a poker hand. Is it possible, that the weakest football team wins? Yes, it’s in the same way possible, that you’ll get the same color in roulette several times.

Sport and gambling games are very much alike and closely related. Not only because many sports fans make bets, but because football superstars often star in ads for gambling facilities. A famous sportsman can attract thousands of new players and therefore is always welcomed by any gambling club or poker room. Many gambling operators not only attract players but pay the fees for advertising campaigns.

Ronaldo Nazário has become the symbol of 90s world football. Nazário used to play for “Inter”, “Real Madrid” and some other football clubs. Those, who keep track of football news, know very well, that he is known to have scored 512 goals and won World Championship twice. The name of the famous football player is on parade and by ear. “The Phenomenon” or “Goofy” (this is how sometimes journalists would call him with admiration) was the idol for many football fans.

Nazário retired on the height of his success, but he didn’t quit completely, but decided to master another game. In the 2013 famous football player entered in a contract with one of the largest poker rooms – PokerStars. According to Nazário, he chose PokerStars from the whole multitude of poker rooms, because this gambling facility attracts many professional sportsmen and people, who are fond of sports. Thus, the football player could feel most comfortable there.

The legendary football player didn’t just want to become the brand ambassador, but wished to play and win. In his interviews, Nazário told journalists, that he’s learning how to play poker, because it’s very important for him to become superior in everything he does.

Very soon, Ronaldo started entering prize zones of different poker tourneys. The biggest win he ever won was USD 42 000 in January 2015 for the 26thplace in the main PokerStars tournament – Caribbean Adventure.

The contract with the famous poker clubs expired in 2017. Both contractors decided not to renew it. Maybe, Ronaldo was fascinated with something else and soon we’ll find out about his upcoming victories. Nevertheless, he never quitted poker completely. Sometimes, he’s seen gambling at poker tables. So, if you still don’t know poker rules very well, we strongly recommend to do it. It may happen so that you will play against the living legend of world football.

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