Jose Mourinho opens up on his relationship with the Glazers

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has given a telling interview in his homeland about the dynamic between owners and clubs. In light of ugly events occurring at Sporting Lisbon, as per The Sun, involving their rather more hands on president, the subject has reared its head in Portugal.

Mourinho conducted an interview with publication, Record, whose quotes have been interpreted by our friends at Sport Witness.

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The Glazers have, at best, polarised opinion among United fans down the years and their involvement at the club was highlighted in the interview. On them, Mourinho said: “The presidents are the owners. The president of the future of my club is the president who lives in Boston, the others in Los Angeles. Therefore the president-supporter in English football no longer exists”.

“President-supporter likes to be in the dressing room? Fantastic. But.. here I talk. I have an opposite situation with one of the owners of United. I went to ask him, ‘Can I have dinner with YOUR team. Can we go and see the training, they asked me. I asked, ‘Can I train your team?’ Of course the team is theirs”.

Although it does not appear this can even be classed as a translation error, given the interview was carried out in his homeland, these quotes do not sit easy with me.

The team is Mourinho’s, after all he is the one entrusted with getting results with eighteen players on match day and will always be the one to fall on the sword should results fall by the way side. Owners will seldom get the can for how a team fares on the field. So let’s get that straight, a Manchester United team is not Glazerised.

The Glazers, in tandem with Ed Woodward, have backed Mourinho financially with generous transfer kitties in his two seasons at the club, but it is somewhat of a relief that backing has not progressed to active day-to-day involvement. Imagine Marcus Rashford getting an American suit roasting him on the Carrington training pitches for not squaring the ball to Anthony Martial at Brighton. Nationality aside, the mere matter of the powers that be getting involved on the footballing side is a shambles which can remain in the Portuguese capital.

It does feel that Mourinho is getting cosy with the Glazers, especially with the transfer window opening on Thursday. Yes Glazers, this is your team, I am a mere mortal in comparison to your all-powerful running of this club.

Puppet on a string, much?

It would be nice for Mourinho to speak in more selfish terms, ‘this is my team’ as you were.

It seems he doesn’t want to step on any toes, which a) is very non Mourinho like and b) is immaterial anyway- as he will surely be backed again financially in order to try and close the gaping hole to City next season.

The Glazers have been generous to Mourinho. But thank god their involvement does not mirror that in Lisbon.

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