Manchester United youth graduate launches shocking attack against Jose Mourinho

Eamon Dunphy doesn’t hold back. Those of you living in Ireland and regularly tune into RTÉ’s football coverage will be aware of that.

Nothing but a hatchet man in his day as a professional footballer, spending the majority of his senior career at Millwall, Dunphy has brought that trait with him into punditry and can be guilty of striking below the belt with his analysis.

Dunphy, who graduated from the United academy, failed to make his name in the first time and has often appeared bitter towards the club but most recently manager Jose Mourinho.

Yes, Mourinho, who Dunphy has shockingly labeled a ‘tramp.’

He was speaking before the game against Arsenal, and said Wenger was a decent man and a class act – and cast scorn on Mourinho’s claims that he does like Wenger.

“Mourinho is a no class individual,” Dunphy said on Irish radio station 2FM.

“Whatever you say about Arsene Wenger, he has a bit of French [class], a bit of Gallic.

“He is a very intense man and I think he will probably feel the same contempt for Mourinho as a person that we all feel.

“They will go through the motions perhaps. I think Mourinho’s press conference today [Friday] spoke very highly of Wenger but that’s just sentiment.

“Mourinho’s behaviour has been appalling, not just with Wenger but with everyone, particularly Wenger.

“He has said some very cruel things which he considers to be gamesmanship but I consider to be disgusting really. He is a tramp, Mourinho, to be truthful.”

I laughed at first but, christ on a bike, that is a horrible thing to say about somebody, and turning the tables it makes his comments about Mourinho having no class ironic.

Mourinho may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Dunphy certainly isn’t either.

Dunphy, if you’re reading get in touch. We can discuss your comments over a pint or coffee. You need to add some reasoning behind that remark.

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  1. I like Dunphy’s candour and appreciation of Morinho’s character. Totally agree, he has no class no panache and not a good ambassador for United. Many times this season he has brought the Club into disrepute with his polemic exchanges with other managers and players. He is not the type of manager Unite should have.

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