Jose Mourinho offers explanation for Alexis Sanchez struggling

Alexis Sanchez joined Manchester United from Arsenal in January and it’s fair to say the Chilean hasn’t hit the ground running.

Football fans don’t usually put the period of adaptation into consideration, though. Mourinho puts that down to why Sanchez has started slower than many presumed he would. It is also the reason Mourinho doesn’t like buying players in the winter transfer window.

When asked by MUTV whether he was happy with Sanchez’s form of late, Mourinho responded:

“Yes, and hopefully next season he will be better, which is what we think is going to happen. I am not a big fan of buying players in the winter market because of the period of adaptation especially with attackers. But, he’s obviously improving and getting more comfortable with the team.”

I think that’s a fair assessment. Sanchez will be a different player once he’s gone through a complete pre-season preparation process with his new teammates.

It could also be a matter of bedding into a squad of class over mediocrity.

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  1. What sense does it make to buy a 28 year old player who then does not play well but keeps a far better player out of the team because of hefty pay? Should never have been bought when he is preventing Martial from terrorising defenders. Mourinho is mad.

    1. With all respect to both Rashford and Martial, neither of them are as good (yet) as Sanchez. Mourinho’s view of adaptability does make sense too and the more he plays with this crop of players the better he’ll become.

      Mourinho may be mad, but he’s fucking brilliant.

  2. sanchez has definely proved to have better game vision,technic and skills (defensive and offensive) than rashford and martial. It is just a matter of time for him to prove everyone wrong.

    1. Prove who wrong? He has played in England four years now and won numerous individual awards, including Arsenal Player of the Year twice. It shouldn’t be hard to comprehend that Sanchez will take time to get used to playing with a different bunch of players halfway through a season.

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