The future is bright with Manchester United starlet Angel Gomes

If you’re reading this as a socially aware human being, you’re aware of the genius that is Flight of the Conchords.


If you are, you’ll know that Business Time is some of their greatest work. Within it, you will hear that the singers good lady is complaining that she’s been left wanting so, so, so, much more when all she got was a 2 minute performance.

This’s how I felt as the game came to an end and young Angel Gomes walked off the pitch.

This was only a 2 minute taster of the boys incredible talents, but that taster left me so utterly desperate for more!

It would be so easy for a young player to take to the pitch and just play it safe. Simple passes to team mates to keep possession. Keep it lively, but do nothing risky that might allow Yeovil to break and reduce the lead that had been established before he came on.

Never did it once cross the mind of this amazing young talent to be anything like that! From the moment he took to the pitch, 2 things were blatantly obvious.

1/ His huge desire to do FIFA based stuff in a United shirt.

2/ His ability to do it with ease.

From the moment he took to the pitch, he was incredible. He ran at defenders with zero fear. When he ran at them, it was never like a rabbit in the headlights, he did so with a clear, considered plan of what he was going to do, and how he was going to do it. While the defenders may be League 2 level, they had huge advantages over him in their stature and experience. Neither of these things intimidated or deterred the young man! He set out to play his natural game that had earned him a spot on the bench, and he certainly delivered enough to make this miserable bastard do some happy thinking.

While Jermaine’s girlfriend in Flight of the Conchords was left disappointed by his inability to add to his 2 minute display, I’m absolutely certain that we’ll be satisfied soon and often by the performances this amazing young talent delivers.

It’s clear, but just in the enthusiasm and skills he plays with, but the passion for the club that this lad loves United, and cherishes being part of a club that means the world to him.

Looking at his Twitter business since Friday adds so much colour to my black soul. It’s clear that no matter how excited any of us claim to be after his performance Friday night, none of us will get anywhere near this lads level of excitement. That to me is perhaps the most beautiful part of all this. It’s not just that he’s the talent to be at United, but he’s incREDibly excited to be here and be part of something amazing. You just can’t be anything but excited about how much joy this lad will deliver to us all in the coming years.

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