Opinion: A pleasure and privilege to have seen Michael Carrick play for Manchester United

There are players who demand your attention through the ostentatious way they do or did what they do or did in a United shirt.

That’s all well and good. We all grew up replicating the unbelievable stuff that we’d seen at games we’d attended, or soon on the telly.

Think I nearly wore away my knee cartilage and will to live trying to replicate the Cantona pass to Irwin for 4-1 for THAT goal against Spurs.

That’s awesome as a kid. But as you get older, you start to see the benefit, the need for the players that do the unglamorous stuff, the players that put the shift in to allow others to do their Roy of The Rovers shit.

During my time as a red, no player has done a better job of getting on with being unglamorously incredible in all he’s done as Michael Carrick!

He has been unbelievable. Remarkably consistent. So solid and reliable, that anyone with an untrained eye quite often fails to notice that he’s been the platform, that much of the clubs success has been built on through his United career.

His focus on not just protecting the back four to break up opposition attacks, but his reading of the game, and ability to shift the ball to a teammate to launch a game-changing counter attack was like nothing I’ve seen in my time as a red.

While other players have had lavish praise thrown at them during his time at United. I genuinely do not believe, that some of the incredible success we’ve experienced since his arrival in 2006, could have been achieved without him.

As sad as I am to see a truly great player and professional confirm his retirement at the end of the season, I’m delighted to see that Mourinho has seen in him qualities that he sees fit to add to his coaching staff.

To think, that this incredible knowledge, of how the games played right, is being kept within the club adds colour to my black soul.

If those he passes on his knowledge to, have the sense to listen to a great man speak, then they’ll be a far better player for it, and United a better side by default if the players representing them have listened to such a wise man.

Thank you for all you’ve done, and for all, you’re about to do Mr Carrick. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege!

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