Paul Pogba – We’ve only seen a dab of his talent so far

It’s an old tale this one. You were in a relationship with someone in your younger years.

You went your separate ways as you were after different things. You went on to achieve decent things in their absence, but it hurt seeing them do just as well, even better than you after they left you.

When the chance comes to reconnect with them, it’s a chance you either run from at speed, or you do whatever’s needed to make it happen.

In the summer United had the sense to do what was needed to get back in bed with Pogba.

All the excitement at getting back together was incredible. It prompted me to be the worst kind of adult male, one that bought a replica shirt with his name and number on. I was that excited I spent actual money I did work to earn to buy something I’ve seen no point in since my teens.

As the season has played out he’s delivered moments in a United shirt that have fulfilled the hype and hope around his return to United. He’s spread the ball around the pitch as well as terrorism spreads hate. He’s scored as many for United this season as he’s averaged for Juventus in previous season’s, this despite hitting the frame of the goal what must be nearing double figures now. His assist numbers may not be Fantasy Football levels, but in the context of how few goals we’ve scored this season, his numbers are very significant, they’d be season defining if his team mates weren’t so regularly useless at finishing the chances he’s so regularly laid on weren’t wasted time and time again.

It’s so frustrating seeing him slagged off after all this. I can’t get my head round it. There appears to be some weird issue where regular haircuts and public expressions of happiness are only deserved when you’re 8 points clear at the top.

He’s an incredibly talented young midfielder with the potential to be the best of his generation in the coming years. Many expect that because of his fee, he’d arrive and immediately be just that.

I don’t believe he has. But I feel the reason for this is more down to the players around him than anything on his part. He’s turned up and he’s worked as hard as anyone to make the most of his move home. I’m a firm believer that once he’s had the benefit of a summer off, and Mourinho’s continued reshaping of a squad that’s technically capable of competing, we’ll see Pogba for what I believe he’s destined to be, and the man who will drive United on to achieve great things.

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