2016/17 Premier League Opposition Preview: Arsenal – Eddie from the Fupin Eejits

Ahead of what looks set to be the most competitive season in Premier League history, we caught up with Irish comedian Eddie Whelan to discuss Arsenal.

Throughout summer we took the piss out of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman portrays himself as a Scotsman so tight he’d peal an orange in his pocket.

At this stage, it has become the norm and fans must be sick of hearing false promises about being able to compete in the transfer market with us big boys.

But when will the entirety of Arsenal’s support say enough is enough and demand more for their highly priced season tickets? Is it time to say goodbye to Wenger if he fails, again, to bring the Premier League to the Emirates, a stadium that has never seen the trophy?

Eddie happens to live nearby and is doing brilliant work on the internet comedy scene through platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat (edwheelo), Twitter and Instagram. He’s a Gunner so we had a little chat.

Supporter Q&A

Arsenal finished second last season due to Spurs bottling it on the last day. How important is it to make that next step this time around, and can Wenger afford excuses?

No mores excuses. Its sh*t or bust at this stage!

Does the prospect of signing former United defender Jonny Evans excite you?

Not one bit, genuinely never liked him.

In your opinion, why doesn’t Wenger properly spend? Is he 1) a tight bastard or 2) under financial limitations?

I think he believes its not all about the money to get the best out of players (and every football fan would like to believe that) but unfortunately you need to spend big to get established players and he is just not doing it enough as other clubs are.

You’re doing great stuff in Ireland on the comedy/social media scene. If you could take the piss out of one Arsenal personality, who would it be and what would it consist of?

Thanks! Very difficult question though why can’t it be a different club? Probably Wenger, such an easy target at the moment… and it would consist of me acting as him sitting down to buy someone.

Henry or Bergkamp?


Highbury or Emirates?

Highbury. I loved the uniqueness and the overall look of it.

Nasri or RvP: who would you rather kick in the bollocks?

RVP, he was captain and he left Arsenal in his prime.

Expectations for the coming season?

Obviously win the league, nothing else will do.

Top four in order?

At this present moment
1. Manchester United
2. Manchester City
3. Arsenal (if we don’t buy big)
4. Chelsea

And finally. If you could send Mourinho a message, what would it be?

I would quote him from 2015 saying other managers are trying to buy the league, when he comes the first manager to spend 1 billion ever in 2016 ?

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