MUTour: Peter Bolton diary – United security demand pre-booked flight exclusive to club staff

Diary accounts throughout this summer’s pre-season tour are being submitted by Peter Bolton, a well-known and respected individual within the Manchester United fanbase. You can follow Peter on Twitter (@PeterBolton3).

You just couldn’t make this up!

I booked our flights and paid months ago, so we got to checkin early and were told the flight is on time.

Then Manchester United (all staff but NOT players) arrive for same fight. It’s a 300+ seater plane and room for everyone booked – no problem.

United security ask (or tell!) airline if they would move everyone else off flight so they could have it exclusively for themselves. As a result, we get moved to the later afternoon flight!

An attempt was made to refuse to move flights as we had booked in / checked in / got boarding cards and our luggage was booked in morning flight.

Chinese airport staff tried to explain to us (in poor English) to move flights and United’s CES security come along to say that they have asked airline to reserve this flight EXCLUSIVELY for them and we won’t be allowed on.

Another wait for a connecting flight!

I could understand if it was the players etc – but it’s JUST security / MUTV / / and other staff.

To say we’re annoyed would be a slight understatement!

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