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Top 5 Manchester United Premier League goals this season

This season, Manchester United has collectively scored 17 goals in the Premier League – so far, that is. While you could rightfully argue that each one of them is as beautiful as the other, goals are not children and so I am going to go ahead and pick my favourites. Let‘s take a look at the five that may just give you right warm fuzzies and a hope that United will finally win the Premier League.


  • Martial‘s Debut

Game against Liverpool on Week 5. Final result – 3:1.

Well if this is isn‘t a grand first goal, I don‘t know what is. The lad got through the defence like a hot knife through butter. A brilliant first goal, and against Liverpool no less – and it also doesn’t hurt that this solidified the already-sweet win, being the third successful shot of the match.


  • There He Goes Again

Game against Southampton on Week 6. Final result – 3:2.

Well if Martial isn‘t the gift that keeps on giving – seriously, his control of the ball is absolutely amazing, and you have to admit his joy after scoring is rather infectious. Here‘s to many more goals that he‘ll undoubtedly net.


  • Teamwork FTW

Game against Sunderland on Week 7. Final result – 3:0.

This is one of these goals where you actually do need these three cameras pointing from different angles and a serious slow-mo to see what actually happened. While the winning shot by Memphis Depay was certainly impressive, Daley Blind‘s pre-assist followed by Juan Mata‘s attempted shot/assist is what really makes this goal so incredible to watch.


  • Herrera’s Header

Game against Everton on Week 9. Final result – 3:0.

While all three goals against Everton were pretty delightful, this is the one that just simply takes the cake. With Martial going down like that it did put a bit of a sour spin on it during the game, but now it’s clear that he’s fine and you can fully appreciate the whole play before the ball went into the net and the incredible finishing by Ander Herrera. A real beauty!


  • The Happiest Goal Yet

Game against West Brom on Week 12. Final result – 2:0.

Make sure to watch this one with sound on – the crowd went positively nuts! And it’s no wonder, too – it was the first Premier League goal for Jesse Lingard. It did take a while – 12 whole games – but when it came, it did not disappoint. Now fingers crossed for more shots like that.

Now I‘m pretty sure this list could positively quadruple by the end of the season, especially with the young players showing as much potential as they have. And when the squad is being brilliant like that, it shows – United are currently at the fourth place with the least goals allowed.

Did I mention that out of the 12 games, eight ended in clean sheets? It‘s no wonder the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet has the Reds as the third favourite team to win the league. With Chelsea pretty much out of the run for the title there‘s only Arsenal and Man City to beat – looks like it will take a derby to win the league.

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