SN interview with Danny Higginbotham- Part 2.

During Part 2 of this extended interview, conduct at Hotel Football’s suite, @JonathanShrager delves into Danny’s time at Manchester United from 1997-2000, discussing Sir Alex, Keano and much more.

The Higginbotham sit-down is one of an ongoing series of interviews with ex-United players conducted by our resident interviewer Jonathan Shrager, who prides himself on getting to the heart of his subjects, and consequently gaining insights into the essence of our beloved club Manchester United.

You can find the rest here including alumni Lou Macari (1973-84) Andy Ritchie (1977-80) Scott McGarvey (1980-84) Paul Scholes (1993-2013) Keith Gillespie (1993-95) Danny Higginbotham (1997-2000) Danny Webber (1999-03) Daniel Nardiello (1999-04) and Danny Pugh (2002-04)

Enjoy part 2 of Jonathan’s interview with Danny Higginbotham here:


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