Manchester United fans loudest in the Premier League

Old Trafford is a library they said whilst filling you with myths about the famous atmosphere at Anfield. Thankfully, a lot of case studies were conducted in the last year to prove all of that is bollocks and that Manchester United fans deserve more credit than what they get from Martin Tyler and the rest.

Meanwhile, Liverpool were ranked 18th. Heh.

The study was carried out by the Press Association before being turned into a detailed infographic.

At least we have something to boast about from last season. Who needs league titles? We have 20 already anyway.

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  1. With 48000 more supporters than Stoke City you are a measly 6 decibels louder, I wouldn’t be crowing too much. At 0.0022 dB per supporter for ManU, 0.0058 per supporter for Stoke City. Stoke supporters are each 2.5 times louder than you.

  2. Any honest fan knows this is utter nonsense. Their away fans are good but Old Trafford is awful. Even though I’m not a Stoke fan, it’s far away the loudest ground to visit. Palace is great as well. Man Utd and Arsenal probably the quietest especially when you consider the capacity

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