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David de Gea arrives in Madrid…

David de Gea is widely expected to join Real Madrid this summer and was spotted at Barajas Airport on Thursday despite being scheduled to return for pre-season training in Manchester on Monday.

De Gea, 24, told press he was in Madrid “to have some rest” but even the most gullible person would be cautious having heard that. It’s not as if the Spanish giants couldn’t arrange a brief tea party over the coming days.

However, United will not permit the sale of de Gea unless they get the best deal possible for the goalkeeper and we’re well within our right to have that stance. He has one-year remaining on his contract and it sounds as though Real Madrid are teasing out bargain offers which should all be completely ignored.

“I am fine,” de Gea told reporters. “I have just come home to have some rest.”

Fittingly, de Gea is wearing a white t-shirt captained ‘tired’ across the middle. Bless him. After a stressful summer in which his girlfriend failed at the annual Eurovision contest, a rest is the least he deserves.

At Stretty News we think you should turn off your phone and block contact from anyone till you return to Manchester. Otherwise that lot from the Bernabeu will disrupt your rest.

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