Awakening of the sleeping giant

Due of the meager spending over the past few seasons, rival clubs, their fans and pundits have clearly underestimated the power of Manchester United.

That power can be defined in two categories: attraction and financial.

Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo, the reigning World Player of the Year, has again expressed his desire to return to Old Trafford — why is that, though?

Well, it’s really two-fold: United is, obviously, one of the biggest clubs in the world; and they now have a world-class manager that exudes confidence again.

As the chant about United goes, ‘Hated, adored, Never Ignored’ – and that is why United can allure the world’s top players, as they want to be famous.

Managers, Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers, have stated that it was going to be hard for the Reds to attract top-class players without European football. Well, after signing two world-class superstars in Angel di Maria and Radamel Falcao, those ill-advised thoughts are just that. Did United pay a lot for those players? Of course, but it’s market value. And you know what the capturing of those players are going to do — attract other world-class players! And that has fans of rival clubs speechless.

Louis van Gaal’s unparalleled reputation supersedes him. His demeanor and straight-shooting approach is what players need. It’s really a breath of fresh not to have a personal circus that follows the manager around. He is about one thing — club success. LvG is more than a manager, he is a psychologist, just like Sir Alex Ferguson was. The only thing that seems to be different between these two esteemed, successful managers is, van Gaal doesn’t seem to be about mind games. But that could easily change.

Despite what some may think, the money for transfers is there. The Glazers aren’t football people – but they are surrounding themselves with business-sounded individuals that understand the value of being successful. They got away with not spending due to Sir Alex’s stranglehold (possibly stinginess) over transfers.

To get those major off-the-field commercial deal will only happen with top name players and success on it. They know – and expressed that by shelling out over £150 million on summer transfers. They have a real understanding of this by seeing the stock of Manchester United fluctuate with results. The summer it went up due to the confidence seeming to be back. And conversely, it went down after the poor start to the season — that’s going to again change.

Onwards and upwards — now let’s get back to the real business — bring on QPR!

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