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Fantasy Premier League 2014/15

It’s has returned. The game we all love to complain about is back for another football season and the Stretty News league is up and running.

With just three players from each club accepted in any team, team selectors need to be wary of which players they decided to shoehorn. It is obviously worth considering Wayne Rooney, who calculated more points than any other Manchester United player last season at 190.

Yaya Toure went to all of effort of earning a whopping 241 and was still left cake-less when his birthday game around. In the name of Fantasy Football, that’s an appalling lack of recognition from Manchester City.

Join hundreds of reds in our very own SN league by heading to the Fantasy Football website, and entering the code below:


Feel free to share this with family and friends, just not scousers.

Thanks to Keith Barney for the graphic work!

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