Preview: Manchester United vs Inter Milan

We’re not going to get into the specifics of the match details, whom is going to start, the transfer rumors or even the dismay of Louis van Gaal at the locations Manchester United has set up at during their summer tour in the United States. Plain and simple, the reds will be taking on a resurgent Italian squad in Inter Milan, led by none other, than Nemanja Vidic.

The Serb is now the anchor to their defense, their last line of hope, their signal of intent. And whilst Vidic has departed Old Trafford, rest assured the once mainstay in our back line will be afforded a testimonial match one day, but until then, it’s war.

Well, unlikely.

As Manchester United have arrived in Washington D.C., and in particular Fedex Field, van Gaal is strict with his formalities. Luke Shaw isn’t up to the managers high standards of fitness, so plain and simple, he was pulled aside – trained separately and will likely do him a load of good.

Louis van Gaal’s micro-management may indeed, for the lack of better terms, piss the living daylights out of Manchester United players and supporters alike. His immense attention to detail may add a few extra sprints to a training session, but come May, it could be all cheers and handshakes for the reds – especially for the Gaffer and Wayne Rooney, whom is learning how to look at the goalkeeper when he shoots courtesy of a light-hearted yet ever so serious talking to during an earlier preseason training session.

And before we take a look at FedEx Field, home of the NFL’s Washington Redskins, it’ll won’t likely be long until van Gaal appoints a captain. I’d anticipate it being Chris Smalling on the evening against Inter Milan, a young defender with loads of promise and whom has proved his worth on numerous occasions. Surely, many have pinned Robin van Persie to be captain, but I’d imagine it’ll be a Jonny Evans, Chris Smalling or Tom Cleverley type player. A young generation, determined to maintain the high standards that were set forth from the United forefathers.

Onto FexEx Field. While Denver, Colorado sported less than 60,000 supporters, the NFL stadium boasts a 85,000 NFL venue capacity. The field is home to one of the most ever-emerging controversial Washington Redskins, who have consistently been scrutinized for their Native American name. That aside, let’s get to some football.

Located near the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County, FedEx Field will certainly not disappoint; however, it’ll be nothing in comparison to Ann Arbor in Michigan against Real Madrid.

But that’s a beast in and of itself.

FedEx Field replaced the previous grounds of Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in 1994, which now lays host to Major League Soccer franchise D.C. United. A venue which has expanded at least three times in ten years, with it’s most recent renovated in 2012, it’ll sure be a treat for a foreign fan both from abroad and the local supporter to sit amongst one of the biggest crowds the United States has ever seen.

A special exit has been dedicated, Exit 16, to FedEx Field, and on Tuesday evening, they’ll need it. While the Redskins have never sold an entire stadium, this may very well be the first time – with no NFL in sight.

Needless to say, Manchester United may have fond memories of the stadium as they last played in 2011. A rematch of that year’s Champions League final with Barcelona saw an immense crowd of over 80,000 people in attendance, where United did win 2-1 in a thrilling match.

And who provided the winner? Good old, Michael Owen.

Who will play the 2014 Manchester United tour hero? Who will be our new captain?

Let’s see what Louis van Gaal has up his sleeve this time around.

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