Documentary: Rivalry between United and Liverpool

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool FC can be considered as a manifestation of one which already had existed in the two cities since industrial times. During this time both were competing with each other for supremacy of the North West with Manchester famous for its manufacturing prowess while Liverpool was famous for the importance of its port.

Once the Manchester Ship Canal was built, ships could bypass Liverpool and transport goods directly into Manchester. Upon completion in 1894 it was the longest ship canal in the world. The Ship Canal meant less dues for Liverpool merchants, which consequently resulted in job losses at the port and resentment from the local people of Liverpool. Furthermore, the crest of Manchester United includes a ship representing the Manchester Ship Canal and reflects the city’s trade roots.

However, a couple of years ago ITV4 made a documentary on football rivalries. In the following three videos, you will see views of former players and journalists on the biggest fixture in English football.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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