Liverpool fans get banner ready for trip to Old Trafford…

Liverpool blog Paisley Gates has showcased a banner fans have designed ahead of their trip to Old Trafford on March 16.

If confusing the word ‘banter’ with hatred or rivalry wasn’t bad enough, worrying about a team struggling in seventh while you’re in the hunt for this season’s title certainly is. The banner Liverpool fans plan on bringing to Old Trafford ironically states Manchester United manager David Moyes as being a “football genius.”

The article points out how United are currently 12 points behind fourth place City and that our poor form this season has brought joy to their fans. While this is part of football rivalry, I don’t recall lapping it up about a side near mid-table when we were challenging for a league title. Maybe this is what happens when you go so long without doing so…

“Manchester City, who arguably harbour an equal amount of disdain for their more successful neighbours, unveiled a similar banner back in February, taking a pot-shot at the Scottish boss with the same sarcastic moniker bestowed upon him. We’re sure this isn’t the kind of attention Moyes thought he’d be getting when he took over at Old Trafford…”

So copying a an idea from another club is how you roll? Bring out the generic football chants. “We’re by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen…”

Yeah. Right.

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  1. Have long ball garbage Man Hoof got the Ref lined up yet????.

    NO Champions league season in salford! NO European football next season in salford!, but plenty and plenty of ugly long ball hoofball!!!!

  2. Has the writer had his blinkers on for the last 20 odd years?

    I have had to put up with piss taking from Man Utd supporters rubbing it in. You have short memories.

    The banner is Scouse humour at its best.

  3. “worrying about a team struggling in seventh while you’re in the hunt for this season’s title certainly is”

    Isn’t that what you lads normally do when you’re singing your songs and swinging your banners about us, even when you’re NOT playing us?

    You must be a complete f**ktard if you think that banner is an expression of hate rather than being a bit of banter. Mind you, you probably think all the vile stuff you lot come out with is banter, so obviously your opinion doesn’t matter.

    Viva la Glazers…

    Viva la Moyes…

  4. Well my son, you better get used to it,there’s a lot more were this came from so you lot need to grow some thicker skin.

  5. Scouse humour at its best!?!

    You’re all such cards aren’t you!!!

    (Football genius, who finished above Liverpool for the past 2 seasons with
    A far, FAR cheaper squad at his disposal than your beloved Kenny and Rogers)

  6. That’s funny that, Mick, I wonder if the £67m Moyes spent this season will help you finish above us this season?

  7. Take a pics reds at the game, may come in handy to shove down their throats in the future, Bindippers even put their emblem on it hahahahah… divs

  8. Hold the f**k on; last season we spent £41m and you lot spent £51m and the season before that we spent £35m and you spent £38m.

    This is added to the fact, like you say, that you were finishing way above us every season, plus the fact that your squad were champions in 2011, I’d would expect your club would be finishing above us every season after being crowned PL champions and spending £13m more than us after that in the following two seasons.

    If I was a Man Yoo fan (Gods forbid), I’d be extremely p**ed off being so behind Liverpool after spending another £67m this season*, whereas Liverpool have only spent £20m. – *that’s £156m spent over the past 3 seasons for you and a massive £60m more than we have spent in the same period…

    Soooo… Your club (of PL champions) have spent £60m more than us (finished 7th last season) over the past 3 seasons, yet you’re now 7th and we are second? Look like someone’s got some explaining to do 😉

  9. Newsnow Liverpool brought me here and the need to educate made me comment. You seem to be missing the point though – Obviously Dale(manyoo fan) has been on a Liverpool FC dedicated site and was enraged enough to post this rectum-spewing plop in a response.

  10. You’re more than welcome. Maybe Man Yoo can get a cup made to celebrate the achievement 😉

  11. Blimey, for the first time I have experienced what it has been like being a Liverpool fan for the past 20 years. Wonder if these Liverpool fans could recommend a rock I could go under, they seem to be more vocal now.

  12. Now now, Javvy boy, don’t lie; we’ve always been more vocal than you set of prawn-sandwich eating southerners, it’s you lot that got quiet when things aren’t going your way.

  13. Come on Matt we all know that is tosh. Got to admit I do find it embarrassing for you that you’re returning to a Manchester United blog, considering this your best season in years and this is United worst, you still feel inferior.

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