MUST: Season Ticket Holders Poll – Europa League & Cup scheme

If Manchester United qualify for the Europa League next season and the club insist that renewing your season ticket will also require you to buy all tickets for Europa League games through the Automatic Cup Scheme, will this affect your decision to renew?

If we have 9 home games in the Europa League, at an average ticket price of £40, this would add a further £360 to the costs of a season ticket and that’s in addition to possibly 9 FA Cup and League Cup games bringing costs up to £720, depending on the cost of your seat.

MUST understand that the club may be prepared to shift its stance and make the Europa League optional, and/or reconsider pricing of these games, if enough season ticket holders make their views known.

You can vote by clicking on this link, directing you to the MUST website.

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  1. Reds need to get a grip. EL could be quickest route back to ECL. Next year winners enter ECL. How many opters out will complain they can’t get tickets for final if we get there.

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