Moyes given 12 games to prove himself

David Moyes has been given 12 games, until the end of the season, to prove he is the man to lead a MASSIVE £200m summer spending spree.

According to The Independent, struggling Manchester United manager David Moyes has been put under pressure after the clubs worst performance of the season in a 2-0 defeat to Olympiacos. It gets worse as the champions have won only 4 games from the last 12 and have been eliminated from the FA Cup, League Cup and are on the verge of a Champions League exit.

While this information isn’t extremely surprising, the fact that they are reporting United have a £200m transfer fund this summer is. Since his arrival Moyes has spent £27m on Maroune Fellaini and broke our transfer record signing Juan Mata from Chelsea for £37m.  They also report United want to spend this money to win the title next season rather than challenge for top 4. But they face a huge challenge, do they trust Moyes with this money and with the clubs chances for next season?

I cannot complain about his signings, I’ve always been a fan of Fellaini and while the price might have been a little much I really don’t care. No one on this planet could complain about signing Juan Mata. As with van Persie it seemed to be one of those players who will always been at a rival club for us to envy especially Chelsea’s player of the season for 2 years in a row. While his 2 signings were fantastic we needed more, clearly. He missed his chance, we needed Fellaini and a player like Vidal or Gundogan which we obviously never got. And for Herrera the less said the better. A lot needs to be done over the summer, if Moyes stays he simply cannot afford to get it wrong.

I believe Moyes’ first mistake was getting rid of Meulensteen and Phelan from the coaching staff, they would have been vital in helping him this season. But the worrying thing this season is that there hasn’t been any signs of change, the same tactics, the same players the same crap each game. Some of his squad selection has been abysmal. For example, Adnan Januzaj one of our best players this season was rested for the biggest game of our season against Olympiakos, it’s ridiculous.

Some players mentioned that United are interested in are Luke Shaw and Toni Kroos. United hope Evra will sign a new contract and we will have his experience and Shaw’s youth together at LB. Kroos showed his quality against Arsenal and it will take a lot of money to get him but it’d be 100% worth it. My personal opinion is that Rio, Buttner, Young, Nani, Cleverley and Hernandez should leave this summer. Personally I’d like us to bring in Kroos, Griezmann, Shaw, another midfielder & a back-up right back. Of course this isn’t Football Manager but a clearout is needed.

Can we trust Moyes in charge of this ‘£200m spending spree’ and risk another season finishing outside of the top 4? If he’s sacked who would we bring in? One thing for sure is that interesting times lie ahead.

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  1. How can the club be sooooo stupid as to trust Barf Simpson with 200 mil which by the way he has spent 60+ mil already. This guy is just a stupid Scottish clown conning his way through the club for a daily free lunch. Pathetic bum, at least a Beggar is more genuine about his intentions !!!

    For us fans, we’re just waiting for the club management to come to their senses and sack the clown or wait until the stands are empty and the club merchandise are boycotted by us fans until we see some sensibly or professional actions from the club!

  2. Add Valencia to the list of goners. He’s remotely the winger he once was. Whenever he gets the ball he looks to play safe and passes to others. He has lost the guts to run at defenders even in one-one situations. I still feel Nani can be given one more chance. On his day he can be destructive. But again, i agree with your question at the end…can Moyes be trusted with that kind of money? My take…No! We would have done better if we had shopped for a new manager in January instead of players!

    1. I was going to include him on that list but decided against it, incredibly frustrating player but I’d still like him to stay especially over Young/Nani

    2. All Valencia has to do to be more effective is to dummy his first and even his second attempt at a cross. As it is now, the fullbacks know that he will whack the ball as soon as he gets an opportunity. So they put their bodies ahead to block him. With an initial dummy, they’ll be left on the floor as he ventures ahead.

      It really is that simple!

  3. That is one reasonable things to do. But if we stays at 6th or worse at the of season, and the club still somehow sticking wtih Moyes, I dont think i can take it. Probably wont watch football or at least wont watch EPL anymore. And that is a sad thing, my friend

  4. IMO, Moyes deliberately overused Rio so that he had an excuse to rid him from the club. Think about it, SAF’s never used Rio in two consecutive games in the past 2-3 seasons. Moyes starts off the season with Rio playing six games in a row. It was obvious by the 3rd games that Rio’s form was failing. But still Moyes persisted for three more games. This was done when either one of Smalling and Jones were available.

    He keeps pushing aside Rafael at every flimsy excuse and uses Smalling at RB. With Smalling at RB, we have the worst RB in the league, by far. He relishes playing Young in all our important games.

    Moyes seems more interested in showing our weak points instead of focusing on our strengths. Me thinks he is doing this to show how bad the squad is and that he needs to buy loads of players. He seems intent on getting rid of team leaders and putting his own players in. In short, he is screwing around with the team for his own sake. We don’t need someone like him at the helm at United.

    He has to go very soon.

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