Stretty News TV: Request Show ep 1

Discussion on the potential Robin van Persie exit, Nani being a scapegoat, formations under David Moyes and safe standing.

For more thoughts on the Dutchman, Robert Moore writes a note to the striker.

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  1. Good stuff,
    When Moyes has tried 4-2-3-1 its worked, in the 8 games or so.
    But why has he not tried it more ? I cant work it out. 5-0 away win V Leverkusen Kagawa behind Rooney and not been tried against since, crazy.

    + Surely were going to see safe standing introduced in next couple of seasons

    1. Isn’t it already obvious?!? Moyes has been given 6 years to make United his team. Never mind that United were last season’s runaway league champions.

      Moyes has been slagging off the team, management and even SAF for not being good enough to win the Champions League. He then slags off the team by announcing publicly that 5-6 players need to get rid.

      David Moyes IS Manchester United!

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