Munich Anniversary info – Flowers of Manchester & The Pride of Football

February 6th has come round again and this year is the 56th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster and again as reds come together to remember the 8 Busby Babes, 3 Manchester United staff, 8 journalist including former City goalkeeper Frank Swift and 2 passengers that perished at Munich airport.

Here are a few details of events organised by various groups in memory of the anniversary.

Today at 3:00pm, owners Pete Martin and Mike Thomas handed out song sheets for the Flowers of Manchester & The Pride of Football, which they sung. The sheet can also be downloaded and printed from here.

The In Memory of Munich Air Disaster Facebook page owner Kady Cavannagh was around early to sing songs before he read out a poem written by himself.

Sunday 9 February

As above, the same will happen at 3pm an hour before the game against Fulham.

Just before kick off as with recent Munich anniversaries, The Flowers of Manchester will be played on the stadium PA System and The Busby Babes surfer flag will be unfurled onto the Stretford End as the teams come out of the players tunnel, it will then be surfed across the Stretford End as the players shake hands and we hope that everyone will join in making the atmosphere a special occasion from there on in.

As Reclaim United is not only just about the Munich Anniversary though as every red around the ground it will be part of the emotion of the day and it will play a big part too. It’s also the 2nd singing section trial where after a successful first trial we hope this to be another great success.

This time Reclaim United and the other groups/individuals involved in Fans’ United decided that to honour the Munich Anniversary and have the singing section trial at the same time we would strip the section back to bare. The 8 Babes 2 stick flags will be in the section at the same time as the surfer flag is on the Stretford End to show our respects.

Reclaim United have decided not to do any marches to the ground and to treat the day as any other match day. Giving the day its only special feeling in everyone remembering the Busby Babes and then us being part of the singing section would like to focus on getting behind the lads on pitch and singing throughout the match to create the same atmosphere and uplifting roar that those players all those years ago experienced playing at Old Trafford.

Pride of football, by Pete Martin.

Pete Martin singing The Flowers of Manchester at last years anniversary.

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