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Knowing me, knowing United: What do Reds know about the club?

This hasn’t been a vintage season for us. Still going through transition, the recent defeats to Tottenham and Sunderland revealed that we’re still some way short of scaling the heights under David Moyes. Nevertheless, the crowds are still coming to Old Trafford and we remain one of the world’s biggest and most famous clubs, attracting millions of casual fans from across the globe.

Our success and history alone are well-renowned, helping to add to our almost enduring appeal, but how much do the more ‘hard-core’ elements of our support actually know about Manchester United? We all know about some of the major landmarks in our history from the Treble in 1999 to Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at the end of last season, but there’s so much more to us than that.

Make your choice

A new quiz from Ladbrokes, how well do you know your team; was recently created to see whose fans were the most knowledgeable of their team and its history. Fans of every club currently in the Premier League can enter and see what they do (and don’t) know about United et al through the ages. It’s one that even the most casual fan can play, but the questions can be a little testing.

To master any quiz about United, you need to know the basics. From the days when we were known as Newton Heath until the beginning of the Moyes era and even our latest transfers, there are plenty of great names and fantastic moments which have come to shape our club into what it is today. Not knowing about the most significant ones could leave you feeling a little embarrassed, especially when sharing your score!

Showing the neighbours who’s boss

What makes this quiz worth a second look is that it allows players to see whether or not they know more than fans of rival clubs. Trying to get a good score on the quiz will at least give us something to brag about to City and Liverpool fans, even if we risk having to settle for Europa League qualification on the pitch!

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