Petition for teenager section at Old Trafford

According to a recent survey conducted by the Premier League, the average age of an adult match-goer is 41. Republik of Mancunia has therefore set up a petition to get an idea of what fans think about a section for teenagers.

As a Red, I love telling the story about my first game. It’s something most of us have in common whether we won, lost or drew. Getting your first match day scarf and a fanzine or two to go with it adds to the excitement when you’re a kid. It’s important that the next generation witness the same if not similar.

Unfortunately nowadays it’s only getting more expensive as the majority of top flight football clubs in England are in the wrong hands with owners worried more so about clearing their debt and making profits rather than satisfying the loyal support of their ‘business’.

Scott from RoM makes the point that United have introduced tickets for 16/17 year olds, but at the same time states more can be done.

Ticket price increases mean that teenagers, whether they are on their own or as part of a group, struggle to afford to attend matches as they have in the past. Whilst the club has already made some effort in reaching out to the youngsters (by introducing tickets of £17-23 for 16/17 year olds and £24-40.50 for 18-20 year olds), more still can be done.

There has been more efforts made this season towards a singing section which will be next trialed at home to Fulham on February 9, but if the next generation were able to attend games week-in week-out, it would enhance the atmosphere also. The club must encourage the youth of Manchester today to attend games and the best way of achieving this is by reducing ticket pricing.

The idea being put forward is for United to introduce an area at Old Trafford which is designated for teenagers only. The ticket price for this area should be considerably lower than the rest of the ground to encourage take up.

Stretty News backs this movement.


Please sign the petition and help spread the word on Twitter.

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