Better than 18 year old Ronaldo

I will take the outrageous liberty and compare Adnan Januzaj to the 18-year old Cristiano Ronaldo. So please don’t ignore the fact that Ronaldo actually bothered to transform the boy-wonder into a wonder-man and give him credit for that.

The 18 year old Ronaldo was dripping talent, but was a bit all over the place. Once a football brain was screwed onto that wild machine greatness was born.

Januzaj is slightly more conserved in exposing his talent. Personally reminds me more of a young Michael Laudrup many years back. But the football brain is already there. Switching wings or taking a central position with ease. And a natural taste for the simple over the complicated.

Important point: he has made his breakthrough in a struggling team. So keep a note of his courage.


Original article was published over at Soccer Issue by Ronen Dorfan, a regular SN contributor.

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