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Have fans had enough of Rooney?

To cut it short, I’ve had enough. In 2010 it annoyed me seeing Wayne Rooney rewarded a bigger and better contract following his behavior. The main reason Manchester United gave him the contract was to block a move to City.

Paul Stretford, Rooney’s agent, had talks with City. The player was open to a move but then came a new contract worth over £250k per week. Gary Cook, their chief executive at the time, was furious at the u-turn. They thought they had him.

I have met fans since that never forgave Rooney. They weren’t extreme to the point that they’d boo him from the terrace or abuse his family on Twitter.

When it came to chanting his name I refused, but not to the point I’d hold it against others. Each to their own and all that. Publicly criticising the club was not an issue for me. Changing his mind when more money was offered, however, was.

Now Rooney is angry and upset, Chelsea are interested and it looks like he’s off, therefore, I was asked by SportsDirect News whether I wanted Rooney gone or not. No player will ever hold our club at ransom and be viewed in the same light.

It’s a shame Wayne’s career reached such a low. His time at United has been full of success and he is ever so close to beating Bobby Charlton’s scoring record. If it wasn’t for his greedy ways and what not, he would be considered a legend by all. When Rooney finally leaves it will be under a dark cloud.

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