Love the crest you wear – Wayne Rooney bid denied again

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are a persistent bunch – isn’t Fernando Torres enough? All jokes aside, reports indicate that Rooney is set to officially submit his transfer request to David Moyes, but will the Scot and Manchester United change their mind? Although that remains to be seen, United have turned down a second bid from the Blues who offered £25 million with another £5 million in add-ons.

The Premier League champions stance on the 27-year-old remains firm, for now. A spokesman at United reiterated the point “he is not for sale” and it seems as if the club are willing to uphold that stance. If Chelsea do escalate a bid somewhere near the £35-40 million range it could be a different story as additional funds are always appealing. However, in the long run allowing Rooney to head to Chelsea would be a slap in the face, and if Moyes continues on the way he is going – Rooney will rot on the bench before he makes a move to Stamford Bridge.

The thoughts of Rooney testing the waters in their final pre-season fixture against AIK in Stockholm have all been diminished as he’s pulled out with a shoulder injury. Even Moyes stated:

Wayne hurt his shoulder in a fall during a match on Saturday […] It’s not too serious and I don’t expect it to keep him out for too long. I’m disappointed he’s missing the game because we were keen to get him back involved and ready to play.

As much as I’d like for Rooney to step back onto the pitch as he still has two years left on his contract, if the passion is not there – don’t bother. As I’ve purchased Wayne Rooney’s jersey each of the past five seasons, these past two transfer requests have been a swift smack in my face. A man of his recent integrity after either not getting along with Sir Alex or his discontent to his position with the club is unsettling to both supporters and obviously, Manchester United.

One would think that waking up knowing you’re a red, and playing for such a historic club whose featured George Best, Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson, Gary Bailey and more – that a bit more pride would be held by each and every player. However, as we’ve come to see – in today’s footballing world, a players ego is escalated from the years of the 1980’s during the drinking era.

Be wary, Wayne Rooney, as the grass is not always greener on the other side. Some say, once a blue always a blue; however, I certainly hope that statement has no bearing. In turn, as much as I’d enjoy for the Englishman to remain a red until the end of his career as I believe he has plenty of gusto in those boots of his, if he wants to leave let the scouser out. I’d rather a 39-year-old Ryan Giggs leading our attack than a half-involved Rooney, at the moment.

Realistically, no player is bigger than any club and if Rooney is to eventually leave Old Trafford – allow the influx on money to come our way so we can invest in a few more devoted reds.

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