Moyes does not need a blockbuster signing

Manchester United’s midfield is an area of concern, but it’s not enough to worry over if David Moyes cannot bring a blockbuster signing to Old Trafford. Bringing the likes of Thiago Alcantara, Leighton Baines and now more prominently Cesc Fabregas to United would have all been signings that show real intent behind Moyes in his first season; however, signing any major player may not be necessary.

Moyes has got the tools he needs to succeed, and January isn’t too far off either. After only two pre-season matches we’re seeing there’s plenty of quality left in both the veteran players, and the youth system. Adnan Januzaj, Jesse Lingard, and Wilfried Zaha all made mince-meat of midfielders and defenders in their appearances to date. Counting on these youngsters on a weekly basis may be a bit of a stretch for Moyes yet, the promising link between one another brings questions to the mind.

Without question, Ryan Giggs still has it – whatever “it” is. Recording a few gem of a performances, killer through balls to Danny Welbeck and company, Giggsy is the epitome of a world-class player.  Yet, Giggsy doesn’t have the 90 minute fitness to uphold such a high standard in the Premier League. Wingers of Ashley Young, Nani and Antonio Valencia now how a support cast of Shinji Kagawa, Zaha, and even Jesse Lingard. Another notable fact to go along with some brilliant talent in the youth system at United, is the splendid play from Danny Welbeck who although does not score as much as he should, the onion-baggery could come in loads this season under Moyes.

Also, we must not forget about Rafael and Fabio da Silva. As Alexander Buttner doesn’t seem to quite fit in just yet, the Brazilian twins add additional firepower along the wings. Allowing Zaha, Tony V, and Young to pinch into the middle of the park a bit more, both Rafael and Fabio are equally capable of providing service into the box. As Rafael proved to be one of our best defenders last term, the separation may have done each twin a deal of good coming into their own.  It wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Scot employs Fabio on the left-flank ahead of Patrice Evra – a partnership full of pace and real intent going forward.

I cannot sit here and say, if Moyes doesn’t bring anyone that I will not be annoyed because quite simply, I will. Missing out on Thiago was a minor set-back, if we’re to miss out on Cesc Fabregas as well, I’d say I’ll be pissed off. The aforementioned pieces we already have to our puzzle as United search for their 21st Premier League crown, it’s safe to say the majority of our current squad members are flexible enough to feature in more than one position. Phil Jones, for instance, can feature along the back line and also occupy the defensive midfielding duties while Michael Carrick continues his steady success.

Breaking the bank is a term in football used much too often, and a term that shouldn’t be used too lightly. Football is a man’s game where decisions must be made for the betterment of the club, and with managers close discretion, titles will be won. In the world’s game, Manchester United have already proven their worth under Sir Alex and while David Moyes has his own legacy to create at the Theatre of Dreams – there is without any hesitation, In Moyes We Trust.


Robert Moore is writing for SN on behalf of One United USA. Follow @Robert_Moore24 on Twitter.

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  1. Total bollocks. If you think we’re gonna be good enough to win the league and have a successful run in Europe with the presnt squad of players ur delusional.quality additons are needed in midfield and defence.fact.all the European powerhouses have already strengthend and beding in new players ready for next season, we’re just pissing about chasing players we know we probably wont get while our rivals just strengthen they’re squad n we’ll expect young inexperienced players to make the difference for us

  2. Well said. However, relying on cleverly, adnan and lingard to carry the load in midfield along side carrick will make for a long season in the premier league. Chelsea, spurs, and city are all making moves to get better and secure their position in the top 4. In a scenario where rooney goes to chelsea and a world class player isnt brought in to fill that roll, united will have a miserable time trying to defend their title. I think fabregas would be a huge signing as he was the best midfielder in England just a few years ago. Fabregas paired with carrick instantly becomes one of the best midfields in Europe. Having the two experienced top class players allows you to play the youth around them while maintaining control. After the three preseason matches, I would love to see fabregas and carrick with adnan and zaha on the wings. Do what needs to be done to sign the Spaniard! Fellaini would be nice too as 22 mil seems like an obvious purchase when you have “no budget”.

  3. King Dick, Thank you for your comments – however I disagree. We’re well equipped to retain the Premier League once again, should the current squad gel together correctly. Understandably so, I’d personally love to see Leighton Baines, Marouane Fellaini and Cesc Fabregas all make way to Old Trafford before the season starts, but if they do not make the move, then what I’m saying is – that’s not going to make or break United’s season. In terms of the current squad, relying on Cleverley or Adnan too much would obviously lead to a weakening of United’s title hopes, I think “Just a Fan” said it well – we need a better midfield. Are the answers in the current squad? I’m not sure, but strengthening is always a good idea – but it’s not a necessity.

  4. The most important thing for me, whether we sign someone or not is that the midfield needs to find a proper balance quickly. Its one helluva start we have, and Moyes can find himself under pressure quite early on if we fall behind. This season is gonna be tougher than last season, we all know that. We do need a quality midfielder BUT when have we who supported United ever cringed at the prospect of throwing youngsters in at the deep end? A prospect that should excite us leaves most in a state of depression! This is Moyes’ team now, and he really comes across as if he knows what he’s doing (Mr Woodward not so much :P). I, just as everyone else, am hoping for THAT signing we have been craving…but should it not happen, well, I hope some youngsters get a bit more of a chance than they would have.

  5. I dont know what are u people talking about, is it not d same squad dat give title last season are still there i dont u fans.

  6. so, you think the likes of lingard n januzaj can be trusted to run that midfield? what happend when carrick is injured? that cb is also not good. imagne if both vidic n ferdinad get injured? i am yet to see a cb partnership without any of the two that has failed to leak. lets face it, all our young stars seem to have potential, but it is not there in the field. last season we dint win the league because we were that good, but for the failure of city n chelsea coupled with the brilliance of fergie. remember we now have an average coach with no top level experience but just potential.

  7. David. You sound fucking illiterate and retarded. It’s called grammar, learn it. We have a great young squad, we will compete just fine in the league without bringing any players in. Europe on the other hand is an entirely different thing. We need to strengthen our center midfield to compete in the champs league. All
    Of the big clubs have brought new talent in. Hate to say it but if we were to play the European champions, Bayern Mumich, we would get smashed, especially now that they have Gotze. With that said, I’m begging you Moyes. Give me Fabregas, Modric or hell ill even take Fellaini for 22 mil, but strengthen the center of the squad PLEASE!

  8. Don’t forget the famous ” you can’t win anything with kids.” Fergie proved them wrong then, hopefully Moyes can prove the skeptics wrong this time around. We definitely have the superb youth players to do it. Glory Glory Manchester United!

  9. All bull shit. King Dick I agree.United will end up 4 th if they carry on like this. Can’t rely on old crocks, with Rio, Carrick, RVP or Vidic injured. What then?

  10. Giggs is a United Legend but he will be 40 in November so what the hell are you on about. City, Chelsea, City, Liverpool have all strengthened their teams already in the Premier League. Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and PSG have all strengthened their teams in Europe. What has the idiot Moyes done, sweet FA. All he is doing in a daily basis is talk about Rooney and he is NOT FOR SALE. Moyes we have got the message OK. Us United fans are fed up to the back teeth with your pratting about, go out and sign us the quality players that we need starting of with a creative midfielder and a box to box midfielder

  11. yes some valid points we have some great players coming through but for a title defense its not good enough you saw some of the shocking play we had last year sometimes United just couldnt get going and the usual suspects anderson nani clevs etc they just werent good enough we cant afford to leak as many goals this time round because we dont have the genius of ferguson to drag us to safety. we need a big name to stamp the authority in midfield we NEED cesc fabregas i personally wont feel comfortable going into next season to defend our title we need to strengthen, Rooney has to stay also we can not afford to loose him without a replacement

  12. It’s common knowledge that Uniteds Central midfield is average in relation to the Citys and Chelsea’s.We have needed a world class central midfielder for 2 years.

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