Van Persie gets the message, we’ll never die

A quick round-up for you to what I hope will be a transfer loaded week. When I say that, I hope Manchester United finally get someone to sign the dotted line so that it will break the ice and 12-year-olds on Twitter, who think they’re ITK, can give the lies a rest or jump off the nearest bridge.

The round-up Monday morning, though, has nothing transfer related. Well, not really. So it isn’t the greatest start to a week. Although a win tomorrow against Yokohama F.Marinhos ( BST) will add that bit of positivity I’m sure.

In preparation of the new Premier League season, Robin van Persie has warned that the current champions will prove that there’s life after Alex Ferguson.

Last season’s top goal scorer said:

“Yeah, of course they will but they can think what they want to think. It doesn’t matter to us. What matters to us is the way that we work. Trust me, we will work very hard. It’s a huge challenge to all of us and it’s one we are looking forward to.

“It was a great year last time. It was my first year with him (Ferguson) and the first year at the club I had with him.

“But now it’s a new year and I am very much looking forward to it with a new manager and great new staff. For now we have the same players.”

We’ll never die and all that. I highly doubt rival clubs are naive enough to sense a weakness big enough to see United go into turmoil in the wake of Fergie’s retirement. It’s going to be different and David Moyes won’t be as successful as the great man himself, but we’ll still be in or around the top teams.

This is where expectations come in. Down the years when asked who I thought would win the league, I’d always say United. Next season is different. The top three teams all have new managers; Mourinho returns to Chelsea and Pellegrini’s at City. The league itself is going through a transition. Will United continue to dominate the Premier League under Moyes? Time will tell.

Speaking about Moyes, Van Persie continued:

“He works very well. It’s only based on a few sessions but I loved them. Last year we won the league and that was great but this time we want to win the league and more.

“I want chances every day, every session, every game. I just see big opportunities. I still have more years left and it’s not like I am saying, ‘Yeah, we won the league so that’s me done’. I want more now. It makes me even more hungry.

“I was very hungry last year but now I am more hungry. We have a great bunch of players so we can win more and do better. I always try to do better than the day before so, yes, I can do better than last year. We have to improve to stay ahead of them because over the last few years the  English league has become  better and better.

“Every single team has got harder to beat. When you go away you have to perform 100 per cent otherwise you may lose. But everyone wants to be successful. Moyes wants to be successful.

“He has been working very hard and spoken to every single player individually. It’s his first couple of weeks so let’s get to know each other. It looks very good.”

It’s always nice to see players positive before a new season, especially when a new manager has arrived. Van Persie came to United last year for success and that’s what he got. Wayne Rooney, on the other hand, has his head wedged up his arse and is looking for the first train out of Manchester. Shame on him.

Meanwhile, Carlo Ancelotti has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be leaving Real Madrid this summer which means United will probably end up purring effots into getting Gareth Bale.

Follow Madrid’s 6-0 win over Bournemouth in a friendly, he said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the most important player in this team. He has the best quality. He is always working to do his best every time. When he does we will have a great opportunity this season.

“As I said he is the most important player of Real and his future will be at Real Madrid. There is no question about this.”

As expected, really. I just couldn’t see us pulling off a Ronaldo transfer this summer. But I can’t see Bale coming either. He’ll probably stick around at Spurs for another year until Daniel Levy pushes for silly money from Real Madrid.


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