Glory, Glory: We want our ‘football club’ back

So David Moyes saw his first win as Manchester United boss with a comprehensive 5-1 win over the A-League All Stars yesterday. I got up early to edit our preview but it was worth it to see some of the youngsters get a run and perform really well. Jesse Lingard and Wilfried Zaha both attacked dangerously and looked a real threat throughout.

The team have already moved on to Tokyo where we’ll play a friendly against Yokohama F. Marinhos (11:20am BST) on Tuesday. Moyes was pleased, post-match, saying:

“It was a special night to get my first victory as Manchester United manager. It was a good performance. We could maybe have got a few more goals – we hit the post and had one or two other chances as well.

“The opposition put on a good show, especially in the first half, when they caused us one or two problems. Once we got the goals we got the chance to control the game a little.

“It was a good game for us. We stepped up and I thought we looked a bit fitter tonight, a bit more ready, and the temperature possibly helped us a bit more than in Thailand.”

Fans worldwide obviously love it when United come visiting their home country on tour. When the Sydney game was announced, I was delighted for the Manchester United Supporters Association of Australia who produce good content year round. If you’re living in Oz and are looking to visit Old Trafford next season, read this from their website.

Meanwhile, chief executive Ed Woodward revealed that the club is considering restoring the words “football club” – which were dropped 15 years ago controversially – to our club crest.

Fans will also be pleased to hear that there are no plans to rename Old Trafford, confirming that both he and Joel Glazer were uncomfortable with the present design.

“I didn’t like that change. Joel didn’t like that change. We will look at that and have a think about that.

“We are a football club. We are not a business. The way I described it to the staff was ‘we are a 135-year-old club, and that’s what you have to remember. We are a football club. A club with a capital C: Club’. And strapped to that is a commercial business that’s going to fund a lot of the player purchases going forward here and we have to be supportive of both.

“We’ve got to make sure they co-exist together and don’t impact each other and that’s where we are trying to balance it. The heritage is not just important it is central to what we are trying to do. As an example we will not rename Old Trafford, the name is part of the fabric of the club. It means something to our fans.”

Rename the stadium and you’ll have a riot on your hands, Ed lad. Don’t go fixing something that’s not broken.

Bringing back ‘football club’ to the club’s crest, however, is an excellent idea. One I think all fans would welcome with both hands. As for Joel not liking the change, I doubt he had any idea at the time. His dad and brothers all see it as a business and there’s no getting away from that until the day they piss off.


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  1. It is a business but a business based on purely footballing abilities. Long as we remain Club with a capital C, I don’t have a problem with Joel being in it for money. It’s not like we have a viable alternative lined up.

  2. Moyes is confusing after what he said about one of our all time great Wazza yes I said it one of our all time great he either needs to let him go or just let him go Moyes has already done enough damage with more to come think about him deciding not to sign Bruno Gomes yet he want to pay a lot for a striker yet we go three young guns waiting and why go after Fellani Fabregas we don’t need them expensive players and when does Cleverly get a chance proved himself already this guy Moyes is going to turn us into a Everton 7 place team

  3. sorry for sounding controversial here but i actually prefer the crest the way it is.

    the fact that we have not taken the route of other great sporting clubs around europe who have basketball, handball, volleyball clubs etc as part of their club, reduces the need for us to emphasise the fact that it is the football club of manchester united.

    Manchester United is synonymous world wide with football, and cramming another 2 words to our crest as it was would no doubt reduce its marketability. we can complain all we like about money in football, but the simple fact of the matter is that as well as our history, its our marketability that allows us to spend 10, 20 and 30 million pounds on football players to keep us at the top.

    another counter to the argument of going back to the good old days is … when does it stop? where should we draw the line to say that this is good and this is bad? why not change it back to the version based on the Manchester City Council coat of arms?? with all that crazy amalgamation of different colours? red background with black writing at the top, white background at the bottom… or better still… should we just change our name back to newton heath and get with the green and gold? that will take us right back to our roots! EVEN BETTER!!!

    sorry to sound a bit sarcy on that last point but i think as with any great institution, we should strive to go forward and not backwards. i get the need to keep certain traditions such as keeping the name Old Trafford etc, but really… if you need the constant reminder that manchester united is a football club on the front of your shirt you probably have more serious issues that need to be addressed :/

  4. Let wazzy stay we don`t need flln,fabrgas o bale we hv nani anderson clevrly.mayos don`t bring yo ldealoges leave things the way they a defend,a midfeld.

  5. @Rome- shut up. Think before you talk. Every reasonable fan know that Fabregas and Fellaini would be great additions to us. Fabregas in the sense that he is very creative and world class, Fellaini in the sense that we need a bully in midfield like Roy Keane who can free other players to express their potentials.

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