Agreement reached between United and Benfica for Ezequiel Garay

SN understands that negotiations between Manchester United and Benfica over the signing of Ezequiel Garay are in advanced stages. The 26-year-old is high on David Moyes’ wish list and he was recently reported to be house hunting in Manchester.

Moreover, an agreement has been reached for the player to move, but both clubs need to agree on a final fee.

Some fans may be wondering why Moyes wants another centre back when he already has Jonny Evans, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones ready to become regulars. That’s not to mention Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic both coming to the end of their careers.

However if you can rewind your memory back as far as February of this year when we played Everton at Old Trafford, you should remember Jones playing Marouane Fellaini off the pitch in midfield. Moyes saw this and perhaps sees the young England international as a midfielder rather than defender.

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  1. moyes to turn his attention to luka modric and leave aloan thiago to move where he would like.

  2. Yes, moyes should 4get about thaigo, let him try and see if he can lure modric, gaitan or gondungan. And 4 defensive midfielder like matic or strootman who can surport carrick. Am happy 2 read that man u has reach an agreement with benfica 4 garay, pls do not hesitate in dis deal. Tanx

  3. Down here in Nigeria most of Mufc fans are getting sick and tired of all these rumours making the round.Moyes, you’re the right man.Pls get the ball rolling.Ezequiel Garay will be a good addition considering his age and what he did with Benfica fc the previous season. For Rooney,David you got to make my man feel at home. He’s the best lad in the Theatre of Dream for now. I love him so very much and can’t wait to seeing him celebrate his goals.Jose should be a man for once. He’s making Rooney get unsettled. He should respect the position of Moyes for God’s sake. English football is a model all over the world,and i think it will be a shame to seeing him destroy the image of this beautiful league as he did in Laliga. He’s above fifty and it’s pretty good for him to get mature. Many young coaches and managers are watching him. Up Utd!

  4. Couldn’t even get into the real Madrid side in 2010 2011, Garay was only fourth-choice stopper in 2010–11, under manager José Mourinho, only appearing in five league matches. On 18 May 2008 Racing sold Garay to Real Madrid, but received the player again in a season-long loan. Returned in July 2009 says it all, Great signing for united…

  5. Moyes shud try n sign Garay and Strootman, and leave dt Thiago of a tin becos i believe he iz nt ours

  6. Man utd can’t understand y do deals always collapse @ last moment remember jst 4 Lukas Moura n now is Tiago i dont really understand whre prob cmes from OMG

  7. lets just support and give the man more time for proper adoption not complaining 2 confuse him, or pressurise him. Commom moyes. Ishaq Mshelia Maiduguri..

  8. signin garay wuld giv d manutd fans a gr8 hope nd xpectation of beta tins 2 come in d future…..moyes is d right man 4 d job Nd he needs our suport….we suld sign players lik modic nd strootman so has 2 improve d quality of our mid-field…united in death

  9. I cnt believe man u in time of transfer becus dey are 2 playful in time of transfer..Moyes mak ur pple happy in time of evrytin pls.. Moyes pls we need player lik garay,thiago,baines,modric and di maria in dis team…do smtin on it

  10. i think there’s strong need 2 re-examine d activities of those in charge of transfer business at man u.they seems 2 lack d modern skill 2 lure first choice players 2 d club.there4 making us end up at alternatives,nd indeed a laughing stuck.

  11. i think there’s strong need 2 re-examine d positions of those in charge of transfer business at man u.they seems 2 lack d modern skill 2 lure first choice players 2 d club.there4 making us end up at alternatives,nd indeed a laughing stuck.

  12. the staffing crew incharge of the transfer market should learn from other big rivering club the way they mind their business in the time of buying, this is time to change the ideology of trading in the market five seasons back, it is time to bring the idea of making hail while the sun shine… moyes david is another achiever in the making…..

  13. Man utd is too big for David Moyes’ bcoz is seems he don’t no the right player for the club,we lost Thiago to Bayern while Strootman to Roma,man utd is a big club and we need quality players if David moyes refuse to sign big names I can see man utd struggle for big four this season.

  14. Up man utd! Man u 4 lyf.Pls mr moyes let dis transfer bn dne quickly bcos dey ca easily adapt wit oda members of d team.Mr moyes pls buy angel di maria if C.R7 deal is nt possible,luka modric,,maroune fellaini,leighton baines,garay nd den kevin strooman.Tnks!

  15. if we can finally sign him, I’ll like that bcos we need another centre back since jones has been seen as a D̶̲̥̅̊.midfielder.

  16. Man utd it a poor club in england that is why they can’t do competition for a bid name or for good play,they always be like their a play but in coming free days the news change,moyes he shouldn’t take man utd like everton when he know is just he first year to ma utd so better thing to him is to buy good players to replace anderson,fletcher,and 1more stracker,he shouldn’t forget they will be a competition between man utd,man city nd chelsea and they a buying good players wake up moyes before u failed

  17. Man utd it will play in big competition so must have big names like other cbubs and strong squad than last season and moyes shouldn’t forget chelsea manager jose he back and he use to be good manager and good buyer so moyes if u need to success to man utd only u can do is to buy good players and don’t let nani and rooney go but just sell patrice evra,underson and fletcher let them go

  18. I don’t trust man utd to they news,I will believe them when I see those players playing for david moyes as they need ronald,bale,fabregas

  19. Moyes just do everything u can to end more new good players in to ur squad if u need to success and to make man utd fans happy,just bring bale or ronald and fabregas please

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