Thiago to Bayern? Don’t panic…yet

Cope Radio in Spain on Wednesday night reported that Thiago Alcantara had decided to snub Manchester United for Champions League winners Bayern Munich. It still needs confirming but the radio station would not be known for having the best links to Barcelona given how they once got sued for making doping accusations about the club.

Juanma Castaño is the Spanish journalist that broke the story. He is also a reporter for Cope Radio, and one Graham Hunter, a Scot that happens to know a lot about football in Spain, claims has a reasonable track record. I’m a little cynical though.

After giving the exclusive, live on air, Castaño seemed to have bottled it. First of all he admitted to panicking, then mentioned how it was summer so these stories should be taken with a pinch of salt. That didn’t sound too convincing.

Also, Castaño gave a hint midway through his exclusive that the deal is closed and can be confirmed in a matter of hours. Really?? He sounded pretty definite before shitting a brick towards the end. Plus, if it is imminent, I reckon Bild or another German media outlet would have it. There is nothing whatsoever being said so far in Germany regarding the story.

All in all though, unless there is a massive change of events, I’m not buying this story.


Kudos to Tom Coast and Jonas Giæver for making sense of the interview via Twitter. My grasp of the Spanish language is little to none.


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  1. Dabbity dab dab!!! Zvtyalugwpklwykhjftpwlyvxz!! There’s as much sense in the Thiago narrative as from the foregoing. It’s all drivel!! Fact is, any talk about Allacantra has become so tedious it matters so little now where he’s headed. Everyone makes the upstart begin to think he’s next to Christ. Far from it. Hope everyone concerned, especially his manager, knows how much all the transfer speculations and controversies can hurt a career just begun. At this juncture Man U no more need. Nor does any self-respecting club!!!!!

  2. If he doesn’t want to join us we should forget about him and go for other good players,there are lots of good midfielders out there.truth is we need a more box to box/enforcing central midfielder to partner micheal carrick,who dictate the tempo of the game from a deep lying position.players in the mode of metuidi,cabaye,khadeira, de rossi,kondogbia,fallaini,wanyama,one of the bender(the one in leverkusen)

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