[Petition] Establish a women’s team at United

City and other rivals all have their women’s team established, but Manchester United have none. A retired teacher from Northenden has launched a petition to encourage the club to set up a team – and compete against the likes of Arsenal.

The petition has 1,680 supporters but needs another 820 people to sign up. Graham Pheby, who is behind the movement, believes United are conspicuously absent from the fast developing phenomenon of women’s football and that’s an issue that needs solving.

“I am a lifelong Manchester United fan and I think it’s time they had a women’s team,” he said.

“Manchester United FC are conspicuously absent from the fast developing phenomenon of women’s football. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton and Man City all support the women’s game with teams in the Women’s Super League. Now FC United of Manchester even with their limited resources, have a women’s team!

“The Man United brand has the largest female fan base in the UK and worldwide and women’s/girls’ football is the fastest growing sport worldwide. The establishment of a Man U women’s team would make a positive contribution to raising the profile and kudos of female participation worldwide.

“David Moyes recently took over as Manager of Man United. When he was manager at Everton he introduced a women’s team. This is the perfect time to ask him to do the same at Man United.

“Please sign this petition and share on Facebook, Twitter, and with your email contacts.”

Click here to sign the petition.


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  1. forget child poverty and war…this is the real and only issue……if united dont get a womans team the world will come to an end and we will all die an agonising death..it is high time we all stopped worrying about family starvation cruelty and famine and concentrated on the real issues like this….also united should have a female manager and at least 6 women in the first team…also we should have women only matchdays where men are banned from attending…..it is high time united stopped this blatant sexism….and should shoot every man in manchester to prove they are serious about being inclusive to women……also we should change our name to womanchester united instead of the blatantly sexist name we have at the moment which clearly encourages rampant sexism and offends feminists the world over..join the 21st century united…ur tea may not be ready for you when you get home tonight…try not to belt the “little women” you sexist pigs

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