Del Bosque: United not the best move for Thiago

Vicente del Bosque understands Thiago Alcantara needs more first-team action if he is to cement a place in his squad for the 2014 World Cup finals, but does not believe he should quit Barcelona.

Thiago, just 22-years-old, was the star of the recent European Under-21 Championships where he scored a hat-trick in the final against Italy.

The Barcelona midfielder’s future has been well speculated this summer and there’s little doubt that Thiago is Manchester United’s main target. His released clause would allow him leave for as little as £17million before tax until August 1.

United have been tipped as the most likely destination, but the club are still wary of Pep Guardiola and Bayern Munich’s presence in the market. This week will apparently say a lot with Thiago meeting with Barcelona’s representatives to discuss the matter.

Del Bosque, an admirer of Thiago, is not convinced a move to Old Trafford would benefit the player. The Spanish boss would clearly prefer to see the player stay at Barcelona.

“The most important thing for Thiago is that he keeps on getting games,” he said. “I think he would get them at Barcelona, he is held in a very high regard at the club.”


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  1. Surprise Surprise, What has Barcelona paid Vincenti Del Bosque to get in on the act,
    Thiago is not a fool he knows his problem at Barcelona is a surplus of talented
    midfielders, At Manchester United he has the chance to become one of the Worlds
    best midfielders leaving Del Bosque no option but to pick Thiago for the Spanish
    Squad for the World Cup. Contrary to del Bosque opinion which is natural after all He is.
    Spanish, i and many others believe the opportunities for Thiago at Manchester United are
    enormous, and apparently so does his close friend and teamate DeGea, and last but not
    least, do you think Thiagos father would not have advised his son to turn down
    Manchester United if he thought it was the wrong move for his career, i wonder if
    Del Bosque will turn down David De Gea as the Spanish goalkeeper because he plays for
    Manchester United.

  2. good words of advice vicente del bosque.same reason he’s not gettin enough time at barca is same reason he’s not playing 4 d national loggerhead man u fans thiago wil remain at barca.go nd groom ur own mdfder or bring back shearer,cantona etc

  3. Wat has del bosque gat 2 do wif Thiago goin 2 man utd.He has bin paid by barcelona 2 mak such stupendous statement

  4. Thiago shouldn’t listen to vicente del bosque. Thiago should take Javi Martinez as an example, when he left spain 4 a first team place, he earned a call-up from vicente del bosque. If he had stay at Athletico Bilbao, would he have earned a call-up?

  5. Some of us are not comfortable with Moyes silence about transfer. Hope he’s not a killed joy? There seem to be no concrete contacts regarding players transfer to Manchester United. Someone help me tell Mr. Moyes that hell awaits him if he thinks he can achieve anything with the same set of players Sir Alex used. Thiago has suddenly become a mirage for United.

  6. this spanish coach jes make me laugh… Wuld
    he pick a player who does nt play upto 30min
    in 10 games in a whole season to a world cup
    tournament?? ..i think is jes trying to play
    some prank thier …in order to have him stay in
    his belove barcelona

  7. well,del b0sque is out of his mind,i fink he need to do some medical brain surgery,if alcantara do not play well to show them what he is capable of,he won’t b pick,manu is a riqht choose for him no doubt about it.

  8. Where exactly does Del Bosque mention United in this quote? It’s just more pointless media soundbites being spun in to nonsense.

  9. Vincent debosque is talking thrash.perhaps he should go to camp nou and give thiago first team action

  10. Thiago shd leave barca for man utd where he will get enough playing time. Del bos shd seal his lips.Thiago is big to use his de

  11. Thiago is a very fine player who has pace in the pitch,thats why united went for him.If i happen to be in his shoes,i will accept united’s offer with no doubts. Go to the club and be the best player i cud be in future.Xavi or iniesta can’t be on the bench while he plays,they are the heart of barcalona and the club can’t afford to keep them on the bench. So my point is,thiago should leave barca and go to a club where he can make a first team choice,play the best of he could nd win titles.

  12. Spanish tribalism,most of them are like that,del bosque is no exception,he hate any club to achieve but only spanish club,cocoa nut head.

  13. Del busque is just saying this to get attention from d media.And it is thiago who should check himself if he is wise,if i were in his shoes i will hv to accept united offer even if it is less than barca wages just to kick start my career.
    If thiago stays at barca he will forever be a wasted talent bcoz in 4 years time he will not get first team football nd will be 26 by then,there is fabrigas,busquet,iniester,song.
    Barca are a greedy club,they want rooney nd dont want to sell thiago,they hv 4 gud midfielders,did they want to spoil thiago career.

  14. Well,i tink dat cocoa nut head z jst sick.thiago z man utd bound nd dats all excep if dat mighty head can cum 2 barca nd guarantee thiago a first team futbol but he cant.lets c wot moyes definately has 2 sign more talentd nd xtablishd players apart frm thiago

  15. i hate spanish tribalise, thiago, if i was u i will not listing to vincent del bosque, followe your heart to man utd. If u refuse u will regate.

  16. anyone who thinks barca paid VDB to say this is stupid. its easy.. spain plays close to the same way as barcelona.. so VDB automatically looks at the campnou for players, then madrid before looking anywhere else!

    cesc didnt start for spain until he started playing for barca. mata had a monster year for chelsea, and so did cazorla but neither of them can start simply because they werent trained in tiki taka! and this is what VDB is advising thiago to do.. stay and force his way into barca’s lineup!

  17. Thiago should stay at Barça, I would really hate to see him end up a bad player. English football(playstyle=kick the ball up to the opponents half and see what happens)is destroying young spanish talents , I sincerely hope Thiago understands this.

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